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Shih Tzu has big, rounded head with short muzzle (short nose is responsible for snoring), dark eyes and long, floppy ears. Its limbs are muscular and medium in size, while tail is long and curled above the back.

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In the 50's a scientist trying to breed tamer foxes ended up breeding foxes with different color coats, floppy ears and that barked, all this by accident.

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  1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has large brown eyes, floppy ears, small body and plumy tail.

  2. Beagle has dome-shaped skull, square muzzle, long, floppy ears, small to medium-sized, muscular body and long, slightly curled tail.

  3. The more geneticist Dimitri Belyaev attempted to breed domesticated foxes, the more they took on dog-like traits such as floppy ears, short snouts, and the tendency to bark.

  4. Great Dane has massive, long and narrow head, large, floppy, triangular ears and very powerful, muscular body.

  5. German Shorthair Pointer has long, strong muzzle, almond-shaped eyes, large, dark nose, broad, floppy ears, lean, athletic body and strong legs with webbed feet.

  6. Boxer has broad, short skull, floppy ears, big lips and wrinkled face. It has stocky body and long tail. Boxer is best known for its square-shaped jaws and well developed lower jaw which protrudes beyond the upper jaw.

  7. Characteristics like floppy ears and smaller tails that dogs have and wolves do not are due to a syndrome called domestication syndrome.

  8. Why Dogs Have Floppy Ears: An Animated Tale

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