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Cats with the top part of an ear cleanly cut off is a marking of a feral cat that has been trapped, neutered, and released to control population

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Feral cats kill an estimated 466 million reptiles a year in Australia

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  1. Istanbul has a tremendous amount of stray and feral cats. Entire neighborhoods pitch in food and medical care for the native cats and there is a local belief, "If you kill a cat, you need to build a mosque to be forgiven by God."

  2. Cutting off a portion of the ear is a sign to other trappers that a feral cat has already been fixed.

  3. At night, Disneyland has several feral cats living on the park that they use to catch rats and mice on the park grounds. Disney now treats them like pets, by spaying and neutering them, giving them shots, and having feeding stations set up for them.

  4. Up to 1 BILLION birds are killed per year in collisions with buildings. the second greatest human-caused source of bird deaths (pet and feral cats kill more)

  5. A group of feral cats is called a destruction

  6. There's a giant donut island in the middle of the pacific oceans that has feral cats and a "sizeable lagoon" in the middle

  7. A Group Of Feral Cats Is Called A Destruction

  8. Disneyland tolerates a colony of feral cats on the premises as the help to control the rodent population.

  9. Eartipping. When vets neuter stray and feral cats they cut the tip off the left ear for easy identification. TNR (T)rap, (N)euter and (R)elease stray and feral cats to prevent cat overpopulation.

  10. There's an organization in L.A. that figured out a way to relocate feral cats (that would have been euthanize) to vermin infested areas with businesses that can't use poisons and chemicals.

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In Tashirojima, Japan, cats have come to outnumber humans. Cats have long been thought by the locals to represent luck and good fortune. Thus, the cats are treated like kings, and although most are feral because keeping them as “pets” is generally considered inappropriate.

Main predators of echidna are dingoes, eagles, feral cats, foxes and Tasmanian devils. When faced with danger, echidna will curl in a ball or hide in a crevice. In both cases, it will expose its spines to prevent predators from eating it.

The Working Cats Program, which "relocates sterilized and vaccinated feral cats to residences or businesses with large rat populations" who may have otherwise be euthanized.

Natural enemies of ruffs are Arctic skua, gulls, hooded crows, foxes and feral cats.

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It’s estimated feral cats eat 75 million native animals a night—more than 20 billion mammals, reptiles, birds and even insects every year.

How feral cats survive?

The notch on a cat’s ear indicates that is a feral cat that was fixed and then released (aka TNR).

There is an island in Japan (Tashirojima) that has lost 90% of its population since the 1950s. The island is however home to a vibrant feral cat population, including a cat shrine, as cats are seen as lucky in local culture.

Main predators of horned vipers are monitors, honey badgers and wild and feral cats.

Main predators of woma pythons are foxes, feral cats and mulga snakes.

In Australia feral cats kill 75 million native animals every day.

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A remote island halfway between South Africa and Antarctica was once overrun by feral cats. To save the local seabirds the largest ever island cat eradication programme was launched. Over 19 yrs a combination of disease and night-hunting was used. In 1991 the island was declared cat free.

Each night at Disneyland, after the sunburned families and exhausted cast members have made their way home, the park fills up again -- this time, with hundreds of feral cats.

Feral Cats Are A Huge Threat To The Global Ecosystem

A group of feral cats is called a "destruction"

Chicago has a 'feral cat program' (with a waiting list) because of the city's rat problems

How feral cats eat?

There are at least 20 million feral cats prowling Australia, and together they kill an estimated 75 million native animals every day

Natural enemies of black stilts are feral cats, stoats and ferrets.

In Australia KFC is used to trap feral cats

A Feral Domestic Cat (Felis Catus) was killed in Australia that measured 176 cm - 2 inches shy of 6 ft - from tip to tail, beating the previous record holder by 54 cm (21 inches)

The Brazilian island of Fernando de Noronha, a UNESCO World Heritage site, has an invasive species problem with house cats. First introduced as pets, when the population got out of control they went feral and began feeding on the endangered native life.

Feral cats kill between 1.4 and 3.7 billion birds annually and are considered one of the biggest invasive species in the U.S.

Disney "employs" feral cats, trapping them to neuter and then release them, giving them free run of the park.

The site of Julius Caesar's Assassination was lost to time until the 1920s; today it is inhabited by feral cats but is being restored. I hadn't realized either before.

As recent as 2015, after a successful program to rid Marion Island of feral cats, mouse attacks on seabird chicks went crazy. Supersize mice are killing and eating chicks alive on subantarctic island colonies. Gough Island loses two million chicks to mouse attacks each year

Some animal rescues have programs to adopt out feral, semi-feral, and otherwise unsocialized cats as barn cats.

The American University of Beirut has about 300 feral cats roaming the campus. Basic guidelines are outlined in a "Cats at AUB Policy," which is about managing, caring for, and controlling these cats.

Disneyland houses a colony of 200+ feral cats as exterminators

Cats can form dominance hierarchies in feral colonies.

A group of feral (wild) cats is known as a destruction

Instead of Exterminators and Traps Disneyland "Employs" Feral Cats to Keep the Rodent Population in Check.

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