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Some WWII POWs in Japan, would keep their morale up and defy guards by holding in their farts until they were made to bow to a portrait of Emperor Hirohito. At the lowest point of their bow they would let loose.

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Emperor Hirohito of Japan was a huge fan of Mickey Mouse. He was given a Mickey Mouse watch as a gift during his special tour of Disneyland in 1975. For years, even on formal occasions, His Majesty was observed wearing the watch.

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  1. The Japanese emperor Hirohito, who ruled during World War 2, was a passionate marine biologist and had published many papers on the topic and even discovered several new species of Hydrozoa

  2. Emperor Hirohito offered to order all the Japanese to convert to Christianity to end the imperial religion, but general MacArthur refused, saying it would be wrong to force a whole nation to convert.

  3. Emperor Hirohito (Showa), the Emperor of WWII Japan, was the only “axis power” leader to not have died during the war; he only just died in 1989.

  4. When Emperor Shōwa (Hirohito) announced Japan's surrender on the radio (Aug. 15, 1945), it was the first time his voice was heard by the Japanese people

  5. After Douglas MacArthur was relieved of command in the Korean War in 1951, Emperor Hirohito visited him to offer his condolences. It was the first time a Japanese Emperor had ever visited a foreigner who was not a diplomat or royalty

  6. Japan's Emperor Akihito has a living uncle. Emperor Hirohito's youngest brother Takahito, Prince Mikasa turned 100 in December 2015. His marriage to Yuriko, Princess Mikasa has lasted 74 years. They have three sons and two daughters; their sons have all died.

  7. The Three Alls Policy was a Japanese scorched earth policy adopted in China during World War II, the three "alls" being "kill all, burn all, loot all." The Policy, sanctioned by Emperor Hirohito himself, was responsible for the deaths of "more than 2.7 million" Chinese civilians.

  8. When Emperor Hirohito formally surrendered Japan to the Allies in WWII over radio, it was the first time millions of Japanese ever heard him actually speak. Most could not understand his speaking of Japanese language.

  9. Japanese emperor Hirohito was an accomplished marine biologist who had several books published post-war and had his on laboratory built in the grounds of the Imperial Palace

  10. During US General MacArthur's occupation of Japan after WWII, Emperor Hirohito banned the distribution of a photo which clearly showed MacArthur's height dominance to Hirohito. Only for MacArthur to rescind the ban and have it printed on every single newspaper in Japan.

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Hirohito is known referred to as 'showa" or "Emperor Showa" as that was the era of his rule.

When the Japanese Emperor Hirohito announced to Japan via radio the surrender of Japan in WWII only a few common people could understand him, as he spoke in formal Classical Japanese language. - source

Even after the U.S. dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, many in the Japanese military had no intention of surrendering, and even went so far as to attempt a coup to prevent Emperor Hirohito from issuing the surrender order. - source

In 1971, NASA took 500 seeds on a mission that orbited the moon. These "moon trees" were germinated and later planted in Brazil, Switzerland, the White House and presented to Emperor Hirohito, among others.

When the Japanese Emperor Hirohito as well as the Soviet Leader Nikita Kruschev visited the US (separately, on two occasions in the 1970s), they each wanted to meet John Wayne - source

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The Kyūiū Incident, where the Japanese Army staged a [failed] coup d'etat against Emperor Hirohito to prevent him from surrendering to the Americans at the end of World War Two.

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In 1971, Emperor Hirohito of Japan was welcomed by Queen Elizabeth for a state visit as a deliberate attempt to help usher the country back into the family of nations after its post-war isolation. Many veterans and prisoners of war turned their backs on the royal procession in silent protest

Dawn Fraser, an Australian swimmer in the 1964 Olympics, who was accused of crossing a moat outside of the Japanese emperor Hirohito to steal a Japanese flag, a charge she denied but was suspended for 10 years by the Australian Swimming Union anyway

In 1971, Emperor Hirohito became the first reigning monarch of Japan to step on foreign soil. President Nixon welcomed the Emperor at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska where he was given a formal welcome with full military honors

Japanese emperor Hirohito made a declaration in 1946 in which he proclaimed that he was human and not a god.

The Japanese Unit 731 created by Emperor Hirohito in the late 1930's carried out biological warfare and experimentation on 250,000 men, women and children, but we're not tried for war crimes in exchange for turning over their research to the Allied forces.

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Emperor Hirohito was given the original film print of the 1954 animated short "Lambert the Sheepish Lion", as a gift by Disney. He said it was his favorite short from them.

Even though Emperor Hirohito was open to the idea of surrender after the Potsdam Declaration and more so after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a coup of several military officers the night before Hirohito announced surrender almost prolonged Japan’s involvement in WWII.

Emperor Hirohito was a lifelong fan of Mickey Mouse

Although many in Japan have mitigated Hirohito's role in World War II, all of the evidence shows that he fully supported Japan's imperial ambitions in Asia and supported the alliance with Germany and Italy. With that said, the emperor was clearly influenced by his cabinet, advisors, and military high-command.

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Emperor Hirohito, Emperor of Japan during World War II, was renamed Emperor Shōwa posthumously. Shōwa translates to "period of enlightened peace" while Hirohito translates to "abundant benevolence"

Former Japanese Emperor Hirohito and current Emperor Akihito refused to visit the Yasukuni War Shrine in Tokyo, as it enshrines 14 Japanese Class A War Criminals among the dead. However Japanese politicians and prime ministers have continued to visit the shrine

Takashi Nagai, a Japanese radiologist who treated the wounded of Nagasaki in spite of having had one of his arteries severed. Later in life he was visited by an emissary of the Pope, Emperor Hirohito, and even Helen Keller.

Hirohito the emperor of Japan during WWII continued to be emperor until 1989 and now his son is emperor.

To a Japanese person there was no such person as "Emperor Hirohito". Rather, it is "Emperor Showa". Calling him "Emperor Horohito" is akin to calling British King George VI the wrong name of "King Albert" (ie. His personal name).

Emperor Hirohito of Japan was a Field Marshal of the British Army during World War 2 right up until he was stripped following his country became an enemy of the UK.

Emperor Hirohito recorded the announcement of Japan's surrender on a phonograph record to be played over the radio. 14 officers raided the palace to destroy it, but it was smuggled out amongst women's underwear and broadcast.

Emperor Hirohito's (Showa) Order of the Garter (the most prestigious honour in the UK after the VC) was rescinded in 1941, but restored when he visited the UK in 1971.

Emperor Hirohito (who personally approved the attack on Pearl Harbor) visited the US in the 70s and meet with Nixon.

Emperor Hirohito of Japan was a marine biologist, with legit scientific publications

Paddy Murphy, the Liverpudlian second cousin of Emperor Hirohito of Japan, who actually fought with the British against his homeland in WW II.

Japan still has an emperor. 82-year-old Akihito, the current emperor, is the son of Hirohito -- the emperor who ruled Japan during World War II.

Hirohito, ruler of Japan during WWII, remained emperor of the country until his death in 1989.

Japan's first postwar prime minister was an uncle of Emperor Hirohito, the only member of the Japanese imperial family to head a cabinet, and died in 1990 at age 102

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