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While writing Hot Fuzz Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright referred to the supermarket manager, Simon Skinner as being played by a "Timothy Dalton type" actor before thinking to ask Dalton himself to be in the film. To their surprise Dalton had loved Shaun of the Dead and signed on for the role.

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Edgar Wright conceived "Baby Driver" in 1995 after he envisioned a bank robbery and car chase set to the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion's 1994 song "Bellbottoms", which he used at the film's opening scene. The film features choreography in which the actors' actions synchronize with its soundtrack.

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  1. Anna Kendrick dated Edgar Wright in 2009 until 2013. In 2014 she began dating Ben Richardson, after meeting him on the set of the movie Drinking Buddies.

  2. Edgar Wright watch 138 action movies to prepare for Hot Fuzz

  3. Movie director Edgar Wright will never watch the Marvel movie "Ant-Man", after Marvel removed him from writing the script and directing the movie, saying that "Marvel didn't want to make an Edgar Wright film."

  4. Edgar Wright had a cameo in Star Wars the Last Jedi

  5. Joss Wheden considered Edgar Wright's Ant-Man "the best script Marvel ever had – and they did nothing with it”

  6. Edgar Wright and Quentin Tarantino did a commentary track together for the movie Hot Fuzz

  7. Wes Anderson and Edgar Wright were both in the movie Sing. (And they likely sang)

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