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A small town in West Virginia asked the Soviet Union and East Germany for help with replacing a bridge after being ignored by the West Virginian goverment. The Soviets sent a journalist to investigate and within one hour the state finally agreed to pay for it.

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In 2012 a study in East Germany was unable to find a single person under 28 who believed in god.

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  1. West Germany fully decriminalised homosexual acts between males only in 1994 after criminal law needed reconciliation with law in East Germany, where it had been decriminalised since 1968

  2. After reuniting East and West Germany, East Germans protested the removal of their Ampelmännchen (little traffic men) resulting in one of the few positive things preserved from East German culture.

  3. In 1975 Ingo Bethke escaped from East Germany by floating on an air mattress across the Elbe. 8 years later his brother Holger fled East Berlin by firing an arrow with a rope tied to it and zip lining accross. The two then flew their brother Egbert over the wall on a homemade ultralight in 1989.

  4. East Germany created its own cola drink. Vita-Cola's sales almost disappeared after the fall of the Berlin Wall brought Coke and Pepsi into the East. It is still the most popular cola in Thuringia, making the German state one of the few places in the world where Coca-Cola is not the leader.

  5. "Kevin" is seen in Germany as a low-class name. In a phenomenon known as "Kevinismus", those with the name reportedly experience discrimination; a joke claims that "Only druggies and East Germans are named Kevin".

  6. The Berlin Wall was a wall that encircled ALL of West Berlin; it didn't just bisect Berlin. Also, West Berlin was surrounded by East Germany for over 100 miles in all directions

  7. The divide between West Germany and East Germany was so sharply defined it lead to houses and buildings being split down the middle

  8. Cuba gifted East Germany a small island during the Cold War as a symbol of friendship. Many have claimed that the island is now the last official territory of East Germany as it was not mentioned in the Treaty which united East and West Germany in 1990

  9. The last leader of East Germany is still alive and still defends his former country despite serving in prison for several years over Cold War crimes

  10. In 1982 900 children from Mozambique went to East Germany to complete their secondary education and become the new socialist elite leaders of Mozambique. Problem was, when they returned in 1988, the Mozambique was no longer a socialist country

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You still can see the borders of East and west Germany by the voting behaviour

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East vs West Germany Economic Divide-

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Richard Kruspe, one of the members of the Band Rammstein, was an escapee from East Germany.

East Germany lives on - as a tiny island off Cuba. In 1972, Fidel Castro gifted the island to East Germany. The island was not addressed in the 1990 reunification, and as such is still technically East German territory, even though the nation no longer exists. - source

When visiting West Germany after the border opened, many East Germans spent their free 100DM 'welcome money' buying massive amounts of bananas, a highly prized rarity in the East.

In 1984, East Germany gave 5000 fake gas masks to Iran - source

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A man escaped East Germany by driving a sports car, with the windshield removed, at max speed under the gates of Checkpoint Charlie with his future wife and mother in-law hiding in the trunk

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At its height, the Dutch East India Company was worth roughly the same amount as the GDPs of modern-day Japan ($4.8T) and Germany ($3.4T) added together.

Between 1977 and 1978, Ethiopia and Somalia (both communist at the time) fought a massive tank war in the Ogaden desert. The USSR, East Germany, North Korea, Cuba and South Yemen backed Ethiopia while China and Romania supported Somalia in one of the most bizarre wars of the 20th century.

In 1989 a Soviet Mig-23 pilot flying a training mission over Poland bailed out, thinking his engines had failed. The plane actually continued on autopilot for 900km, crossing Poland, East and West Germany before finally crashing in Belgium and killing a man at his home.

No where was the Marshall Plan's effects more evident than in Germany. After Germany was partitioned into West and East and after Stalin refused to allow the new communist regimes of eastern Europe to participate in the Marshall Plan, the two Germanys developed quite differently. Thanks in part to the Marshall Plan, West Germany's economy was booming by the late 1950s while large parts of East Germany still looked like the war had just ended.

East German streets during the Soviet Era had a friendly "man-in-hat" pedestrian signal. When East Germany collapsed, the capitalist reunification threatened to get rid of them, only to have the previous easterners fight to have them back.

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The Berlin Wall was built to keep East Germans from leaving, but when the wall was taken down, it was for the same reason - to stop East Germany's residents from leaving.

Two regions of East Germany were dubbed the "Valley of the Clueless" due to their inability to receive West German television channels, whose news coverage was considered more reliable.

136 people died trying to cross the Berlin Wall during its existence. It is believed that approximately 5,000 people made the escape from East Germany to the West successfully by crossing the Berlin Wall.

While a graduate student, Davis traveled extensively and lived in France and East Germany.

Pre-WW1 Germany had plans to reduce U.S economic and political influence by invading the east coast of the United States. "Plan 3" involved roughly 100,000 soldiers with the objective of capturing New York and Boston.

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Two German generals, Friedrich Paulus and Walter Heitz, surrendered to the Red Army at Stalingrad and were arrested. Paulus collaborated with the Soviets and died in East Germany. Heitz refused to cooperated with the Soviets and died in custody in 1944.

There are internet domains for the Soviet Union, East-Germany and Yugoslavia. Those domains were created a few months before the Eastern bloc collapsed.

The One Euro MiG - In 2002, Germany had MiG 29 Fulcrums [Soviet jets taken after the reunification with East Gemany] and sold 23 of them to Poland for the hefty price of one Euro as a goodwill gesture to get the Polish Army up to NATO Standards.

West Germans would often throw garbage over the wall into East Germany - knowing that the East Germans and Soviets could do nothing about it.

Two families escaped East Germany during the height of the Cold War by designing and building a hot air balloon under the noses of the German Stasi secret police, and flying it more than 20 miles across the border in the middle of the night.

That, after its demolition, steel from East Germany's parliament building was used in the construction of the Burj Khalifa.

The Stasi, East Germany's secret police during the Cold War, supposedly used radiation to track enemies of the state. Once given a dose large enough to track, officers could follow suspects, their documents and money with geiger counters.

In Germany, USA and Far East, jade plant is often kept in the pots due to belief that it ensures luck with money (hence the nickname "money plant").

The co-founder of Youtube was born in East Germany, crossed to West Germany before the Berlin Wall fell, before moving to the US at age 13.

Despite competing for just 20 years, having a population of roughly 16 million, and formally dissolving in 1990, East Germany still ranks 9th all time in summer Olympic gold medals.

"Giftschrank". A German lockbox or reading room containing literary works deemed dangerous to society. Past examples include the writings of Martin Luther, Mein Kampf, and even western fashion magazines (In East Germany).

Germans are still paying to rebuild East Germany — the "solidarity" tax, a 5.5 percent surcharge on incomes which raises €11 billion a year, is enshrined in law until 2019.

East Frisia, a region on Germany’s northwest coast that was able to resist the establishment of feudalism during medieval times because of its unity of independent self-governed districts. Frisians regarded themselves as a free people in this period known as “Frisian Freedom.”

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