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Rose plants are placed at the end of a row of grape vines on vineyards to act as early warning signs of mold or mildew.

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Former USSR Lt. Col. Stanislav Petrov prevented a nuclear holocaust and potentially WWIII by going with his "gut feeling" and believing that the USSR's early-warning satellite signal was faulty when it reported that the US had launched 5 ballistic missiles at them

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  1. Tsunamis occasionally occur on Lake Michigan - often enough that experts are attempting to develop an early warning system for them. They have been deadly in the past.

  2. When dashboard lights were first used in cars they were called "idiot lights" because drivers were frustrated by the warning lights used in place of gauges, making it more difficult to detect issues early since they only activated after one occurred.

  3. in 1983, Russian Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov heroically prevented a full retaliatory nuclear attack against the United States and NATO allies when his Oko nuclear early warning system detected 6 missiles coming from the U.S. and he immediately declared it a false alarm.

  4. AT&T almost caused nuclear war. In 1961, the US lost contact with its early warning systems. Assuming the USSR had attacked, bombers were scrambled but recalled when contact was made with an EWS base. The phone blackout was caused by a faulty AT&T switch they had promised to replace.

  5. Herd animals in the wild often hang around with giraffes. The giraffes, being so tall, give the herd animals such as Zebra and Wildebeest an early warning of lions sneaking up on them. These herd animals benefit by having friends in high places (quite literally).

  6. Jackie the baboon, a member of the South African Infantry Brigade during World War I. With acute hearing he was able to give early warnings of enemy movement or impending attacks, would regularly march with his company and always saluted an officer.

  7. Nat sec advisor Brzezinski was woken at 3am by a call telling him Russia launched 250 ICBMs at the U. S. Minutes later, he received another call: The early-warning system actually showed 2,000 inbound missiles. As he began to phone the president, he received a third call: It was a false alarm.

  8. Having children in your early 20s was a US cultural norm only for baby boomers, and that earlier in the 20th-century eugenicists had warned against it

  9. In the early 80's, F14 Tomcat pilots flying reconnaissance missions over the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon used commercial "fuzz-buster" radar detectors, mounted in pairs on the pilots glare shield, to warn them of Surface-To-Air missile radars that the aircraft's built-in gear couldnt detect.

  10. Reckless driving was so rampant in the early 1900's that many cities held safety parades. Mangled cars with warning signs were towed through streets and thousands of children dressed as ghosts to represent each death that year, followed by grieving mothers who wore stars to show their loss.

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Why do earthquake early warning systems work?

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In the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, residents of Sendai received 10-30 seconds and Tokyo 60 seconds warning from Japan's Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) system before the major seismic waves hit. Alerts pushed to cellphones, TV broadcasts and web pages around the country.

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Lovell telescope at Jodrell Bank was subtly turned towards the Soviet Union as it was the only telescope in the world capable of providing early warning of an impending strike - source

Your sense of smell goes before memory and other cognitive functions. Inability to smell peanut butter could be an early warning of Alzheimer's - source

Several neutrino experiments have formed a world-wide network designed to provide astronomers with early warning of a supernova in the Milky Way. The last time such a "local" supernova was seen was in 1604.

Robert Watson-Watt, who developed early warning radar in Britain to counter the rapid growth of the Luftwaffe, propounded a "cult of the imperfect", which he stated as "Give them the third best to go on with; the second best comes too late, the best never comes." - source

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Since the late 1970s, there have been at least 4 known 'false alarm' nuclear incidents of Russia and the US nearly launching "retaliatory" strikes because their early warning systems had malfunctioned.

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AT&T accidentally severed communications between American Balstic Missle Early Warning Systems sites during the Cold War. A B-52 had to confirm the site still existed and world war three had not started.

About Stanislav Petrov, a lieutenant colonel in the Soviet Union during the Cold War on duty during the Soviet False Alarm Incident. Despite the newly implemented early warning system giving him several indications that the U.S. had launched nukes, he did not call it in. Perhaps saving the world

A solar storm in 1967 nearly started a nuclear war by knocking out all 3 of the USA's ballistic missile early warning systems

The Committees served as the early propaganda arm of the Patriot movement, creating underground papers and tracts that warned of growing British tyranny.

Like canaries in a coal mine, cats served as an early-warning indicator of Mercury poisoning if/when they displayed signs of having developed "Dancing Cat Fever", in which the cats would convulse and leap to the sea.

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About Benito Viñes, a Jesuit priest who established the first Atlantic hurricane warning service in the early 1870s. As director of the Meteorological Observatory of the Royal College of Belén, he created a network of observation sites to track clouds that progress well in advance of hurricanes.

A Soviet early missile warning post detected 5 incoming nuclear missiles. The post commander correctly assessed the situation as a false alarm, and didn't call it in, preventing World War III.

Cat's whiskers are multipurpose organs that aid in navigation, are an early warning system and an indicator of mood

About Sanpaku Eyes. A Japanese term meaning "three whites", it represents physical imbalance in the body and that the condition of sanpaku is a warning, a sign from nature, that one's life is threatened by an early and tragic end.

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N 26 September 1983, during one of the tensest moments of the Cold War, a malfunction in the Soviet Nuclear Early Warning system nearly led to WW3, and that essentially only one man, Stanislav Petrov saw the bug for what it was and thus saved hundreds of millions of lives

In Feb 2016, Bob Ebeling (89), famous for warning Nasa that the Challenger Shuttle would explode if launched, had not heard from Thiokol or Nasa after deep depression forced his early retirement shorter after the tragedy.

The Russian Woodpecker, a Soviet over-the-horizon, early warning radar system that disrupted radio broadcasts worldwide with a noise that people described as being like a woodpecker

Before sleeping, some parrotfish species can secrete a mucus cocoon that envelops the fish. This may hide its scent from potential predators and act as an early warning system

Japan has an Early Warning system on cell phones for Earthquakes, phones ring even if on silent!

The world's first Early Warning RADAR system "Chain Home" was in the UK, built before and during WW2. They were towers set up along the coast to detect incoming craft and direct RAF fighters to intercept attacks.

In 1983 the Soviet Union’s nuclear early warning system malfunctioned, causing them to believe they were under attack. A Soviet army officer correctly identified the error and stopped a full-scale retaliatory attack from occurring.

The Russian Woodpecker (Duga) had broadcasted a strong, sharp, repetitive tapping sound that disrupted regular radio. It turned out that it was actually a ABM early warning system operated by the Soviets from 1976 to 1989.

Pope Paul IV was warned of pedophile priests as early as 1963, even going as far as to put a down payment on a Carribean Island where such offenders could be quarantined

A tsunami struck Hilo Hawaii on April 1st 1946 killing hundreds of people who ignored early warnings believing it to be an April fools prank

The Vajont Dam disaster. The Italian government insisted on the safety of the dam despite early warning signs, even arresting some journalists for reporting on the issue. A 250m wave was generated by a massive landslide, 5x the height of the tsunami that struck SE Asia in 2004.

4th Gen Fighters used female voices to warn pilots as "early human factors research in aircraft and other domains indicated that female voices were more authoritative to male pilots and crew members and were more likely to get their attention."

In September of 1983, due to a malfunctioning with the Soviet Unions early-warning system, they almost launched a nuclear "counterstrike" to a non existent threat (the United States). This Video shows the damage which could have been caused.

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