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Jean Lanfray, a labourer who murdered his wife and children in a drunken rage in Switzerland in 1905. His murders were blamed solely on the influence of absinthe, despite the fact that he’d drunk many other alcoholic beverages. It set off a moral panic, and Switzerland soon banned absinthe.

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In 1998, a herd of elephants in India, in a drunken rage, stampeded a village after a train killed one of its baby elephants.

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  1. During Paul McCartney's 21st birthday, John Lennon unleashed into a drunken rage after a DJ had accused him of being gay. Despite excessive blood loss and broken ribs from being kicked repeatedly the man narrowly survived.

  2. In 2001 The King & Queen of Nepal were massacred by the heir to the throne in their Royal home before the Prince killed himself in a drunken rage.

  3. On 1 June 2001, Prince Dipendra of Nepal massacred 9 members of his family, including the King, in a drunken rage after his mother refused to allow him to marry his fiancée

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