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A man, Michael Fagan, who at least once in 1982 broke into Buckingham Palace by climbing a drain pipe. He entered the Queen's bedroom and asked for cigarettes, which a maid bought him, before finally being arrested.

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The "s" curve in drain pipes acts as a water lock to prevent sewer gas from escaping into buildings

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  1. Demand for chinaberry in ornamental purposes is dropping because of its root which induces damage on the sanitary pipes and clogging of drains. Also, trunk of chinaberry tree is very weak and it easily splits during the storms, while chinaberries quickly turn sidewalks into dangerously slippery surfaces.

  2. Drano uses caustic or oxidizing chemicals to create heat to unclog a drain. If Drano does not clear the toilet, this heat can crack the porcelain, soften PVC pipes and dissolve old, corroded pipes

  3. There is a "hotel" with rooms made from repurposed concrete drain pipes. Located in a park, each tube room contains a bed, storage space, and power

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  5. It's actually pretty easy for rats to crawl up a toilet drain pipe and out into your toilet bowl

  6. Berlin's ground water is only 2 meters below the surface. Every time a new building construction comes under way, they use these cool pipes to drain the water.

  7. You're not supposed to pour boiling hot water down the drain? PVC pipes tend to deform at temps in excess of 180deg compromising integrity. For example: Run cold water when draining pasta water.

  8. Storm drains are separate from sewage pipes

  9. Amsterdam drained a canal and put everything they found online, organized by time from 1300 - present day... from pokemon tokens, to pipes, to guns, to human bones

  10. While replacing our old toilet that silverfish bugs live in drain pipes. The little things hate light, so they scurried down the sewer pipe when I removed the old toilet. Apparently, they often come out of drains at night to scavenge for paper and other indoor food sources.

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