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Henry Dow, founder of Dow Chemical, broke a German Monopoly on bromine by buying chemicals in America that the germans were selling at a loss to put him out of business, and reselling them in Germany for a profit.

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In 2004, a comedian went on television posing as a Dow Chemical executive, taking responsibility for the Bhopal chemical disaster, and promising $12 billion in compensation to victims. Dow immediately denied the promise and apology, but their stock value dropped by $2 billion in 23 minutes.

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  1. A German drug cartel started a price war with Dow Chemical by selling bromine below their cost to produce. Herbert Dow successfully defeated the cartel by buying all their product and reselling it at a profit.

  2. Herbert Dow, founder of Dow Chemical, faced a German cartel that tried to put him out of business by selling in the USA at a big loss. He responded by secretly buying their product, repackaging it as his own, and selling it for a profit in Germany -- eventually breaking their monopoly.

  3. Americans afflicted with Agent Orange poising have sued the U.S. government for damages along with the companies that made the compound: Dow Chemical, Diamond Shamrock, and Monsanto.

  4. In 2004 Andy Bichlbaum impersonated a Dow Chemical spokesman on the BBC, announcing the "liquidation" of Union Carbide to pay for the medical care for the victims of the Bhopal disaster

  5. Dow Chemicals and the UPenn conducted deliberate dioxin testing on 70 prisoners in Philadelphia in the 1960s. No one was ever able to specifically identify who was tested on because exact records were never kept. Race was documented- most tested on were black and aged 21-49 years old.

  6. L the Yes Men pranked the BBC as a Dow chemical rep saying they were taking responsibility for the chemical disaster in Bhopal, India 1984. They were liquidating Union Carbide to pay 12 bil to the people. Dow's share price fell 4.24 percent in 23 minutes, wiping $2 bil. Off its market value.

  7. After 15,000 died in Bhopal, India, the purchaser of Union Carbide, Dow Chemical's public relations representative Kathy Hunt stated, "You can't really do more than that, can you? $500 is plenty good for an Indian."

  8. Saran Wrap was developed by DOW chemical - The word "Saran" was coined by a combination of John Reilly's wife's and daughter's names, Sarah and Ann Reilly.

  9. The symbol for biohazard was developed by the Dow Chemical Company

  10. Two activists acting as DOW Chemical execs were invited by the BBC to a 30 million person audience in which they claimed that DOW was investing $12 billion into the clean up of Bhopal, India

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Herbert Dow of Dow Chemical Defeated A German Cartel When Their Predatory Pricing Scheme Backfired

In 2004, the duo Yes Men sent a fake Dow Chemical representative to a BBC interview, claiming Dow would finally take responsibility for the Bhopal India chemical disaster that affected 500k people, with medical care for victims. This caused Dow's market value to fall by $2 billion in 23 minutes. - source

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The United States EPA has a list of Superfund sites where hazardous waste dumped by companies like Ford, Monsanto, Dow Chemical, AMD, Phillips, Lockheed Martin, and much more have been documented. Many sites like the Love Canal, and the Exxon Valdez disaster are why the EPA exist today.

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