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When world champion boxer Joe Louis voluntarily joined the U.S. Army in 1942 he was asked about his decision to enter the (then) racially segregated organisation, he replied: "Lots of things wrong with America, but Hitler ain't going to fix them."

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The town of Dull in Scotland has been twinned with the town of Boring, Oregon since 2012. In 2013 the town of Bland, Australia joined them in what has become known as the 'Trinity of Tedium'.

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  1. An Alabama bloodhound joined a half marathon after her owner let her out to go pee. She ran the entire 13.1 miles and finished 7th.

  2. While working on "Malcolm In The Middle," Bryan Cranston joined a song writers guild so that he got paid royalties for the tunes he hummed and whistled on the show. He threw parties for the cast and crew with the royalty cheques and as a result the crew encouraged more humming.

  3. How the UK military recruiter mistook "cryptogamist" (algae expert) for "cryptogramist" and sent Geoffrey Tandy to join the code breakers; he wasn't so useful until captured German papers arrived water-logged; with his expertise they salvaged them, cracked the code, and hastened the victory.

  4. A man running an ultramarathon was joined by a stray dog for more than 77 miles (125 km) through the Gobi Desert, but he lost track of the dog after the race. With help from 20 volunteers, he finally found the dog after a 2-week search, named him Gobi and brought him back to live in Edinburgh.

  5. 71 percent of Americans age 17 to 24 are ineligible to join the military, primarily because they are too overweight or too poorly educated, or they have a record of serious crime or drug abuse.

  6. In the LOTR, Gimli was 139 years old when he joined the Fellowship. He also wanted to join his father and Thorin Oakenshield on their journey to reclaim The Lonely Mountain in The Hobbit, but was denied for being too young at age 62.

  7. In 1941, when a General asked Winston Churchill for more men to man Antiaircraft guns, Churchill replied "No, I can’t spare any men, you’ll have to use women." Mary Churchill (18), Winston Churchill's youngest daughter was among the first to join and rose to the rank of Junior Commander in 1944.

  8. &" and "and" mean different things in movie credits. Two writers' names joined with "&" means they collaborated, while "and" means they worked on the script at different times.

  9. An Alabama bloodhound joined a half marathon after her owner let her out to go pee. She ran the entire 13.1 miles and finished 7th.

  10. About Dr Denis Mukwege, a congolese gynecologist who specialised in women victims of extreme sexual violence. Threatened, he exiled with his family, but the Congolese women joined forces for him to come back. He now works in Bukavu where he is under constant protection from the UN.

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don join fact data chart about I made a map about mass shootings in USA with open data, (ju
I made a map about mass shootings in USA with open data, (just join Reddit)

don join fact data chart about Every post on my Facebook timeline since I joined, by month
Every post on my Facebook timeline since I joined, by month and year

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Vulcanizing rubber joins all the rubber molecules into one single humongous molecule. In other words, the sole of a sneaker is made up of a single molecule.

About Ralph Lazo, the only known non-spouse, non-Japanese American who voluntarily relocated to an internment camp. When Lazo learned that his Japanese American friends and neighbors were being forcibly removed, he was so outraged that he joined friends on a train that took hundreds to Manzanar. - source

Harvard's first black faculty member was a dentist. Dr. George Franklin Grant joined the Dept of mechanical dentistry in 1871. Also an inventor, he patented the wooden golf tee. Previously, golfers carried around buckets of sand, placing their balls on little piles as they went. - source

Mars Attacks originally had trouble attracting A list actors because most of the characters either die in some cartoonish manner or end up disfigured. That was until Jack Nicholson enthusiastically joined the film. Glenn Close, Pierce Brosnan, Danny DeVito, Michael J Fox and others followed suit

Brian May's dad helped him build his famous guitar, but was upset when Brian abandoned his PhD program to join Queen. Brian went on to write "We Will Rock You", "Fat Bottomed Girls"—and eventually "A Survey of Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud", the thesis he finished 36 years later. - source

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After his presidency, Harry Truman refused to join any corporate boards or do commercial endorsements, feeling that using the presidency for financial gain would diminish the integrity of the office. Congress eventually passed the Former Presidents Act to pay him a pension.

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Muhammad Ali lost his heavyweight title, got his passport revoked and faced a five-year prison term for not wanting to join the US Army in the Vietnam War. "I ain't got no quarrel with those Vietcong," he said. "They never called me n****r."

The Secret Service agent who saved President Reagan's life joined the Secret Service after seeing a movie starring Ronald Reagan as a Secret Service Agent.

When Matthew McConaughey was arrested for possession of marijuana in 1999, police found him playing the bongos and dancing, naked, while another man joined in and clapped along.

The F-82 "Twin Mustang" fighter plane, designed to escort bombers thousands of miles to Tokyo, was literally two P-51 Mustangs joined at the wing. Both cockpits were fully functional, so one pilot could sleep while the other flew the plane on missions that could last up to 12 hours.

After his crimes were discovered, serial killer Marcel Petiot grew a beard and joined the police using the alias Captain Valeri. "Valeri" was assigned to find Petiot until someone recognized him, months later.

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don join fact infographic about Thought I would join the party with the places to which I've

Thought I would join the party with the places to which I've been. Turns out I've gone camping...a lot.

don join fact infographic about Been seeing a lot of graphs on FP lately...thought I'd join

Been seeing a lot of graphs on FP lately...thought I'd join the club. (pretty proud of my accomplishments so far)

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Following LeBron James' decision to leave Cleveland and join the Miami Heat, the sports memorabilia company Fathead lowered the price of wall graphics depicting James from $99.99 to $17.41: the birth year of infamous American traitor Benedict Arnold

Struggling musician Jonathan Cain called his dad and asked him for a loan, or if he should give up on his dream and come home. His dad lend him the money and told him "Don't stop believing." He soon joined a band called Journey and gave them their signature song using his dad's words.

3 years after illegally joining the Marines at the age of 14, Jack Lucas snuck onto a ship bound for Iwo Jima, stormed the beach without a rifle, and threw himself on top of two grenades to protect his team. He survived, and is the youngest person to earn the Medal of Honor at 17.

The first non-white NBA player was Japanese and joined the NBA the same year Jackie Robinson broke the racial barrier in baseball

A California girl sued the Boy Scouts of America after they wouldn't let her join because of her gender. She lost.

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Carolina Panthers tackle Mike Remmers loved "The Blind Side", the movie based on Michael Oher's life. Remmers loved it so much that he chose to wear #74, Michael Oher's number, and refused to give it up when the real Michael Oher joined his team. Michael Oher now wears #73.

During WW2 there was a saying that "It's more likely for a snake to smoke a pipe, than for Brazil to go the front and fight", so when Brazil joined the war, their troops became known as "Cobras Fumantes", or "the Smoking Snakes".

Pierce Brosnan grew up poor in Ireland, was left by his parents, raised by relatives and sent to a boarding house, studied painting, joined the circus, and was first discovered as an actor by playwright Tennessee Williams. Both his first wife and daughter died of ovarian cancer.

During the Middle Ages, members of guilds were referred to as “masters.” Artisans who wanted to join a guild were required to prepare a “master piece” to be judged for qualification. If the masters approved of the piece, that artisan would be accepted into the guild.

The professional wrestler, Big Show, quit football after his freshman year in high school, because of disputes with the coach. He continued to support the team by joining the cheerleading squad, partly from spite. He later called it "the greatest experience of my life"

Kristen Wiig was almost Sweet Dee on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Kaitlin Olson and Wiig were neck-and-neck for the part, with the role ultimately going to Olson. Kristen Wiig joined SNL later that same year.

On Fleetwood Mac's 1971 tour, one of their guitarists left to "get a magazine" and never came back. When he was found a few days later, he had joined a cult and quit the band.

Wyoming granted women's suffrage 50 years before the 19th amendment, and refused to join the Union without maintaining their women's right to vote.

After Sitting Bull was released from prison, he joined the Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show making $50 per week for riding once around the arena. Quickly getting annoyed with the audience, he quit and returned to his people saying "I would rather die an Indian than live a white man."

There is a group of about 400 ultra powerful and wealthy individuals that see movies on release day in their own home theaters. It costs $100k to join and $4k/month membership. It is called the Bel Air Circuit.

So many American Indians joined the military during WW2 that had all Americans joined at the same proportion, conscription would not have been necessary. The Blackfeet tribe mocked the idea of a draft: "Since when has it been necessary for Blackfeet to draw lots to fight?"

Patrick Stewart expected Star Trek: TNG to fail and would not have joined if he'd known it would air for seven seasons.

The very last WWI veteran died in 2012 at age 110. Florence Green had joined Britain's Women’s Royal Air Force in 1918 at age 17.

About Arminius, a Germanic child slave in Rome, who joined the Roman army to be free, eventually rose to knighthood, and when sent by Rome to Germania to conquer the tribes, instead secretly united the Germans under his own leadership and gave Rome its biggest defeat.

The US Navy used to forbid "obscene" tattoos, which led to a boom in tattoos of nude women among men who didn't want to serve. If they joined the navy later, they had to have a tattoo artist "dress" the woman.

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