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Jim Henson operated Kermit from a cramped diving bell underwater with an air hose to the surface for The Rainbow Connection intro to The Muppet Movie. Filming took 5 days.

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About saturation diving. Divers working on deep-sea infrastructure such as oil pipelines live in a pressurised chamber for a month, taken between the chamber and their worksite by a pressurised diving bell. That way, they only need to be decompressed once, at the end of each 28-day job.

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  1. The Byford Dolphin diving bell accident, where a human error caused a decompression chamber to go from 9 atmospheres of pressure to 1 in less than a second. Out of the 5 dead, one was ripped apart so violently pieces of him were found over 30 feet away.

  2. Jean-Dominique Bauby. At the age of 43, his entire body was paralyzed, except for his left eyelid. Despite his condition, he was still able to write the book The Diving Bell and The Butterfly.

  3. Jean-Dominique Bauby suffered a stroke, leaving him capable only of blinking his left eye. He went ahead and wrote the bestselling book The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by blinking when the right letter was reached by a person reciting the alphabet to him over and over again.

  4. There's a species of spider that breathes air, but lives its entire life underwater in diving bells made of spider silk

  5. In 1691 Haley built a diving bell which used weighted barrels of air sent from the surface to maintain a breathable atmosphere.

  6. The European diving bell spider lives underwater by using an air bubble on its abdomen to breathe

  7. The pressurised gases in diving bells make their inhabitants talk in a hilarious Donald Duck-style voice

  8. The Diving bell spider creates its own "scuba tank" to hunt underwater prey.

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About the Byford Dolphin Diving Bell Incident in which four divers were killed by explosive decompression after experiencing a rapid change in pressure from 9 atm to 1 atm.

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