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The Chicago Bears have retired 14 player's numbers including #3 (Bronko Nagurski, #5 (George McAfee), #7 George Halas, #28 (Willie Galimore), #34 (Walter Payton), #40 (Gale Sayers), #41 (Brian Piccolo), #42 (Sid Luckman), #51 (Dick Butkus), #56 (Bill Hewitt), #61 (Bill George), #66 (Clyde "Bulldog" Turner), #77 (Harold "Red" Grange), and #89 (Mike Ditka).

Other Chicago Bears Hall of Fame members include George Blanda, Dick Butkus, Guy Chamberlin, George Connor, Jimmy Conzelman, Richard Dent, Mike Ditka, John Driscoll, Jim Finks, Dan Fortman, Bill George, Harold Grange, George Halas, Dan Hampton, Ed Healey, Bill Hewitt, Stan Jones, Walt Kiesling, Bobby Layne, Sid Luckman, William R, Lyman, George McAfee, George Musso, Bronko Nagurski, Alan Page, Walter Page, Gale Sayers, Mike Singletary, Joe Stydahar, George Trafton, and Bulldog Turner.

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