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Drinking small quantities of alcohol (less than one drink/day in women and two in men) is associated with a decreased risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes mellitus, and early death. Drinking more than this amount however, increases the risk of heart disease, high BP and stroke, among others.

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The term “mellitus” (meaning "honey sweet") was added to diabetes by English physician Thomas Willis in 1674. Willis, like his early predecessors, found the urine of a diabetic as “wonderfully sweet as if it were imbued with honey or sugar.”

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  1. Prior to chemical tests, tasting urine of the patient was part of the diagnostic process for Diabetes Mellitus.

  2. Physicians used to taste urine. Diabetes Mellitus derives from honey due to the sweet taste. They would use the information to predict the future and were called 'piss-prophets.'

  3. Three parent babies can help prevent mitochondrial diseases including Diabetes mellitus and deafness and some heart and liver conditions

  4. The name *diabetes mellitus* is derived from the Greek word *diabetes* meaning "siphon" (to pass through) and the Latin word *mellitus* meaning "honeyed or sweet". Physicians used to diagnose it by tasting ones urine to detect the sweetness.

  5. A term newborn carries a risk of ischemic stroke of ≥1:3500, triple the weekly stroke risk of a smoking adult with diabetes mellitus and hypertension

  6. Diabetes ("peeing disease") is more properly called diabetes mellitus ("honey-sweet peeing disease"). There is an unrelated kidney condition called diabetes insipidus ("tasteless peeing disease").

  7. 10 Common signs and symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus

  8. Thomas Willis coined the term mellitus in diabetes mellitus by observing what had been known for many centuries elsewhere, that the urine is sweet in patients

  9. The names for Type 1 Diabetes (mellitus) and Type 2 Diabetes (insipidus), mean "honey-sweet" and "tasteless" respectively. The names were added to help differentiate the two disorders, and reference the taste of afflicted people's urine.

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