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Dennis Quaid’s face appeared on warning labels of vials of blood thinner Heparin to remind nurses not to accidentally inject patients with high concentration doses after Quaid’s newborn twins almost died of an accidental overdose

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Many famous people have done voices on SpongeBob SquarePants including Dennis Quaid (Grandpa Redbeard), Kristen Wiig (Madame Hagfish), Ray Liotta (Trevor), Andy Samberg (Colonel Carper), Amy Poehler (Granny), Johnny Knoxville (Johnny Krill), David Bowie (Lord Royal Highness), and Johnny Depp (as Jack Kahuna Laguna) among others.

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  1. Dennis Quaid went from 180lbs to 137lbs in just 3 months to play the role of Doc Holliday with tuberculosis. [Wyatt Earp]

  2. Dennis Quaid is a douche. (x-post r/PublicFreakout)

  3. Dennis Quaid sang a country version of Gin & Juice at SXSW 2011

  4. There was a western movie in 1980 starring 4 sets of mostly famous brothers: Dennis and Randy Quaid, David, Keith and Robert Carridine, Christopher and Nicolas Guest, and Stacy and James Keach

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