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Surgeons were able to drain all the blood from a patient in order to remove clot from the arterie, and keep him alive for 20 minutes by reducing his temperature to 20 degrees celcius.

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One of the most earth-like exoplanet Kepler 78b has oceans of molten lava and a temperature of about 2000 degrees Celcius

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  1. The human body can detect temperature differences of just 0.02 degrees Celcius depending on certain factors

  2. Turbochargers get up to over 950 degrees Celcius and spin at up to 250,000RPM!

  3. The Giant Crystal cave in Mexico, with crystals weighing 50 tonnes, has a humidity of 100% and a temperature of 58 degrees celcius. This meant that the coldest place in the cave are the lungs, and water would condense in it, causing death by drowning for over 10 minutes of exposure.

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