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After the 1995 eruption of the Soufrière Hills volcano on Montserrat, the capital Plymouth was permanently evacuated. It is still the de jure capital city of Montserrat, making it the only ghost town that serves as the capital of a political territory

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Japanese is only the 'de facto' language of Japan. That makes the island of Angaur, of the island nation of Palau, the only place in the world where Japanese is a 'de jure' official language, despite none of the residents being able to speak it.

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  1. There was a running gag in Venice after the 4th crusade that the Doge was "more emperor than the emperor" because he owned more of the land than the Byzantine emperor. To which the Doge would respond "de jure and not de facto".

  2. The USA has no official language nationwide. English is the de facto but not the de jure official language (at the federal level).

  3. The last de jure feudal state in the world was the Channel Island of Sark until 2008, and de facto is still operating as such in many ways, such as banned motor vehicles except for tractors.

  4. Switzerland Doesn't Have a De Jure Capital!

  5. The de jure official languages of New Zealand are Maori and NZ sign language

  6. One of the reasons the US took 40 years to ratify the UN Genocide Convention was because of the definition of genocide, de jure segregation, and the treatment of blacks in the US

  7. Kim Yong-nam is the de jure leader of North Korea.

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