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Despite being no larger than 4cm, the female Darwin's Bark Spider can create a web bridge spanning up to 75 feet across rivers by releasing several strands of silk which the wind carries to the other side. She then reinforces it, allowing her to hunt for insects flying over the river.

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After a male Darwin's bark spider fertilizes a female, he plugs up the female's genitals with a mating plug. Using silk, the female traps the male so that he's stuck to her genitals, saving him for when she's hungry.

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  1. The Darwin Bark Spider's web is over 10 times tougher than Kevlar but only has a sixth of the density of steel.

  2. About Darwin's bark spider, a spider that produces the strongest biopolymer known to humanity, and also one of the few non-mammals to engage in oral sex.

  3. The silk spun by the Darwin's Bark spider is 10 times stronger than Kevlar.

  4. The longest spider web weaved was by the Darwin's bark spider, whose web can reach up to 82 feet.

  5. Male Darwin's Bark Spiders seem to invariably perform oral sex on females.

  6. The Darwin's Bark Spider produces silk that's 10 times stronger than Kevlar and builds webs that span over 30 square feet!

  7. About Darwin's bark spider which can produce the largest orb weaver webs. These webs are capable of spanning across rivers.

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Darwin's bark spider can produce some of the largest orb weaver webs, ranging from 900 to 28,000 square centimeters. These webs can span across rivers.

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