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Cruise ships emissions can equal the equivalent of one million cars per day and air quality on deck can be worse than in the world's most polluted cities.

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Cruise ships cause significant environmental harm by burning bunker fuel, the "nastiest and deadliest" fuel in the world.

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  1. 85-90% of passengers that fall overboard on cruise ships perish.

  2. 'The World' a cruise ship where residents can permanently live as it travels around the globe.

  3. James "Shanghai" Kelly, who in the 1800s kidnapped men and forced them to work on ships. One year on his birthday he announced he was hosting a free "booze cruise" to celebrate, served opium-laced whiskey to the attendees, then offloaded them onto waiting ships and got 100 men in one night

  4. Dumping golf balls into the sea is outlawed because the plastic does not break down. A professor at the University of Maine used ground-up lobster shells and other materials to develop biodegradable golf balls. These balls are intended for use on cruise ships or driving ranges by the ocean.

  5. In 1959, U.S. Postal Service successfully shipped mail using a cruise missile, delivering cargo from New Jersey to Florida in 22 minutes

  6. A man attempted to board a cruise ship by bungee jumping off a bridge as it sailed below. He miscalculated the speed and suffered minor head injuries when he bounced off the ship’s tennis court, volleyball net and a deck railing before being left dangling in mid-air as the ship sailed away.

  7. In 2013 an abandoned Russian cruise ship began drifting through international waters. It was last seen 1,300 nautical miles off the coast of Ireland and is yet to be found.

  8. It is cheaper for seniors to live on a cruise ship than in a nursing home. The average nursing home is $200 a day, while Princess Cruises charge $135 a day, plus offers better food, daily fresh sheets, swimming pools, shows and entertainment, and the ability to travel anywhere in the world.

  9. In 1998 a woman called Amy Bradley vanished from a cruise ship. Years later, photos emerged that suggested she may have been kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery. Amy Bradley has never been found.

  10. if a Disney cruise ship needs to be evacuated, the first people to get a lifeboat are two Disney employees dressed as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. This is to ensure children that the two characters did not go down with the ship.

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One woman pays $164K per year to live on a luxury cruise ship

More and more people are booking cruises on cargo ships. Passengers like it because they are less crowded, there are less distractions, and you can go on routes traditional cruise ships don't frequent - source

Cruise ships are required to carry body bags and to maintain a small morgue in the event of a death onboard - source

In 2011, a 134-hour documentary showing a cruise ship on its voyage from Bergen to Kirkenes was transmitted live and non-stop on Norwegian television. Approximately half the population of Norway tuned in to watch.

There was an abandoned Russian Cruise ship that refused to die, was left to float around the oceans, and may have sunk in 2013, but nobody knows for sure. - source

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In 2005 a company named SeaCode wanted to anchor a cruise ship three miles off the coast of Los Angeles, and fill it with up to 600 foreign programmers. The idea was to eliminate visa restrictions, and avoid U.S. labor laws.

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The theme song from the movie Titanic, Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On,” was playing in the dining room of the Costa Concordia cruise ship just as she hit an underwater reef, which would eventually lead to her sinking.

About 200 people die on cruise ships every year, forcing ships to be required to have body bags and a morgue.

Cruise ships dump 1 billion gallons of sewage into the ocean every year

The norovirus on "Oasis of the Seas" in January 2019 infected 592 (or 7%) of the passengers–one of the worst outbreaks on a cruise ship ever. With hundreds quarantined in their cabins, the cruise ship returned back to Florida early & all passengers were reimbursed for their failed vacation.

A company is attempting to create a community of tech workers aboard a cruise ship anchored 12 miles from the US sea border so that they don't have to obey labour laws or get work visas.

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Cruise ships keep infrared cameras on the sides of the ships to spot people who fall overboard.

Mercy Ships, cruise ships converted to hospitals that float the African coast treating patients at no cost.

People have gone missing from cruise ships. There have been 200 incidents of missing people since the year 2000. Generally, what happens is the person isn’t even reported missing until after their luggage goes unclaimed, which significantly decreases their chances of being found.

There's a cruise ship tracker that shows all the ships around the world

If a cruise passenger dies while sailing the ship has a dedicated morgue until they can make arrangements to return the deceased.

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The captain of the Costa Concordia cruise ship who sank in 2012, stated that he didn't try to escape but rather "slipped off the ship when it turned over and fell into a lifeboat".

Modern cruise ships have retractable active stabilizer fins that act much like airplane wings under the water to balance the ship in rough seas.

Casino odds on a cruise ship are way worse than on land "blackjack tables will pay 6-to-5, instead of the usual 3-to-2 you’ll find in many land-based casinos"

After the 2012 Italian Cruise Ship Disaster of the Costa Concordia Capsizing Off the Italian Coast, Investigators Learned that the Cruise Ship was Carrying a Huge Shipment of Mafia-owned Cocaine

A Disney Cruise worker vanished from a cruise. She was seen looking distraught on camera then vanished. Disney were uncooperative & claimed she fell overboard despite the fact there was no bad weather & she was last seen in the opposite end of the ship to where they claimed she fell.

Cruise Ships have their own DVD region code

During the Rio Olympics, the USA basketball teams didn't stay at the Olympic village but a massive cruise ship, docking away from the busy harbor spots, protected by 250 federal officers and 2 boats to prevent navigation near the vessel

The 1991 Oceanos cruise ship disaster, in which the captain and senior crew jumped ship, without alarm or announcement, during a violent storm. Leaving the entertainment staff to call mayday and organise the rescue of the majority of fellow passengers before the ship sank.

Lillian Gasinskayoy, a Soviet defector who escaped by swimming from a cruise ship in Sydney harbour in 1979 wearing a red bikini. Later, sans bikini, she was the first centrefold in Australian Penthouse magazine and appeared in Australian soap operas before fading into obscurity

The majority of tourists that visit Glacier Bay (approximately 80%) arrive aboard cruise ships and can take smaller boats to see features that cruise ships cannot approach.

Norwalk virus outbreaks commonly occur where people live or work in close quarters such as in overnight camps, prisons, hospitals, seniors" homes, dorms, cruise ships, schools, and clubs.

The fuel used by cruise ships burns 4,000-5,000 times the amount of sulfur as automotive gasoline

There is only a 12cm difference between the world's largest and second largest cruise ship

The "I'm flying" scene from Titanic caused some cruise ships to restrict access to their bows due to danger concerns of people recreating that scene.

In 1945, a German cruise ship evacuating civilians was sunk by a Soviet submarine. Over 9,000 civilians died.

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