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In 1992, a Lawyer and a Judge were looking for files on a former prisoner in a police station near Paraguay. Instead, they stumbled upon archives documenting an international conspiracy involving the torture, murder, and imprisonment of 480,000 people, now known as the Archives of Terror.

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When the half-millennium-old Tiananmen Gate was found to be falling down in the 1960s, it was secretly replaced, bit by bit, with an exact replica, in a successful conspiracy that involved nearly 3,000 people who managed to keep it a secret for years.

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  1. The first episode of an X-Files spin-off called "The Lone Gunmen", which aired March 4, 2001, involves a US government conspiracy to hijack an airliner, fly it into the World Trade Center, and blame it on terrorists - thereby gaining support for a new profit-making war

  2. There is a conspiracy theory that a 1980's CIA project involved teleporting people to its colony on Mars

  3. Because there were never any arrests, conspiracy theories began circulating, including members of the British Royal Family somehow being involved.

  4. Whitey Bulger was found guilty of 31 counts involving federal racketeering, conspiracy, extortion, and 11 murders.

  5. In the 1920s there was a wide ranging conspiracy to murder Osage Indians over their wealth. The murders involved friends, doctors, judges, and even some husbands of the Osage. Unable to stop the murders with local/state action, the case become one of the first major investigations at the FBI.

  6. It is estimated that approximately 36% of Americans believe in the conspiracy theory that the United States government was actually involved in the 9/11 attacks or that they knew they were going to happen and did nothing to stop them.

  7. That, according to declassified FBI documents based on surveillance of Soviet offices, officials of the Communist Party and the KGB thought that the JFK Assassination was the result of a conspiracy involving LBJ.

  8. There are multiple conspiracy theories involving the Denver International Airport including some involving Nazis, the Knights Templar or Satan.

  9. A conspiracy theory surrounding John Lennons' murder that involves Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and STEPHEN KING AS THE TRIGGER MAN.

  10. Mary E. Surratt was the first woman to be executed in the US because of her involvement in the Abraham Lincoln Conspiracy.

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The actress Shirley MacLaine was briefly put under house arrest in Bhutan under suspicion of being involved in a conspiracy to depose the king of the Himalayan kingdom. She was a guest of the premier who was charged with leading an armed rebellion.

Someone was scammed out of $20m after a computer virus led to threats of a life-threatening conspiracy involving killer Polish Priests, Opus Dei, the CIA and Honduras - source

A clear majority of Americans (61%) still believe others besides Lee Harvey Oswald were involved in a conspiracy to kill JFK. It was 81% in 1976. - source

To prove a conspiracy those involved must have agreed to the plan before all the actions have been taken

The Business Plot. A conspiracy involving well-known businessmen who plotted to recruit Marine Major General Smedley Butler to overthrow FDR and create a fascist government - source

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A 1999 Memphis Jury Found Rev. Martin Luther King Jr was the victim of a conspiracy, not a lone assassin. Kings Lawyer Argued Lloyd Jowers was part of a vast conspiracy involving the Mafia and agents of the federal government.

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About the mysterious ‘Umbrella Man”. The subject of countless conspiracy Theories involving the JFK assassination

MLK's family successfully sued the government over his death citing a conspiracy involving the Mafia, local, state and federal government agencies.

In 1992, a Lawyer and a Judge were looking for files on a former prisoner in a police station in Paraguay. Instead, they stumbled upon archives documenting an international conspiracy involving the torture, murder, and imprisonment of 480,000 people, now known as the Archives of Terror.

Too many minions spoil the plot: Estimates on the number of involved conspirators show that many popular conspiracies should have been exposed by now (if they were true)

The conspiracy of the 'three tramps,' alleged to be involved in the assassination of JFK. One of the tramps is believed to be Charles Harrelson, self-admitted assassin and father of actor Woody Harrelson, who admitted to murdering JFK during a police standoff, while high on cocaine.

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