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Chicken feathers can be processed into a biodegradable plastic-like material and are used in products as varied as dishes, circuit boards, beauty products, and boat construction.

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The first Apple computer was a single circuit board without even a case or power supply. It cost $666.66 because Steve Wozniak "liked repeating digits"

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  1. The world's greatest "brain-mimicking" computer utilizes 1,000,000 processors - across 1,200 circuit boards - and still can only approach 1% of the scale of the human brain.

  2. A quote from Portal 2: "In spaaaaaaaaaace" was transcribed on a circuit board along with a drawing on Wheatley sent to the ISS by a Japanese craft.

  3. Large sheets of mica are often mined from pegmatite and used to make components electronic devices, circuit boards, optical filters, detector windows, and many other products.

  4. Eisler created the first PCB (printed circuit board). He was a journalist and while learning about printing technology, he imagined an insulated base in which all electronics component can be laid.

  5. There are dishwashers for circuit boards.

  6. When the Apple III overheated, the instructions told to "lift it 2 inches into the air, and then drop it." in order to knock the circuit board back into place.

  7. Most motherboards carry a small, so called CMOS battery on their circuit board. One of its main functions is to power the computer's real-time clock.

  8. "Point-to-point construction" is a non-automated method of construction of electronics circuits widely used before the use of printed circuit boards.

  9. Professor Richard Wool created a circuit board from chicken feathers.

  10. The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics medals were the first to include recycled materials including televisions, circuit boards, keyboards and other cables. The move was largely symbolic however as only 1.11% of bronze, 0.12% of silver and 1.52% of gold medals were made from these materials

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