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The Devil's Cigar is a fungus that strangely only exists in small area of Texas and Japan separated by 11,000 km the two populations have been separated for at least nineteen million years. It looks like a cigar, hisses, releases clouds resembling smoke, then splits open into a flower shape.

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Name " cookiecutter" refers to the cookie-shaped wounds that can be seen after the attack. It is also known as "cigar shark" due to specific shape of the body.

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  1. The 1897 Aurora, Texas, USA UFO incident, in which a cigar shaped airship was purported to have crash landed and its "Martian" pilot was buried according to Christian rites

  2. Catalpa is also known as cigarette tree or Indian bean tree because of its cylindrical, elongated fruit, shaped like cigar or bean pod.

  3. Scientists are examining data from an astonishing cigar-shaped "interstellar object" they named Oumuamua ("Messenger"), which recently buzzed through our solar system. It traveled in a highly improbable pathway, using the sun's gravitational force to accelerate its trajectory.

  4. In October 2017, a giant cigar-shaped asteroid called ’Oumuamua became our solar system’s first interstellar visitor. The 1300-foot long asteroid was spotted speeding through Earth’s neighbourhood at 85,700 Mph.

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