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Until 2008 the US Senate pool was for men only. This is because many Senators wanted to swim in the nude. It was not until Senator Kay Hagan of North Carolina protested this rule to Senator Chuck Schumer in 2008, that women were allowed to use the Senate pool.

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Comedian Amy Schumer and Senate Rules Committee Chairman Chuck Schumer are cousins

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  1. During a meeting with airline executives, Sen. Chuck Schumer pushed a coffee table to within two inches of their legs "to show them how it feels to ride on one of their airplanes."

  2. Senator Chuck Schumer used to be against illegal immigration and actually believed in border security

  3. Senator Chuck Schumer is comedian Amy Schumer's first cousin once removed

  4. Bernie Sanders, Chris Rock, Chuck Schumer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Andrew Dice Clay and 4 nobel prize winners all went to the same high school in Brooklyn

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