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Japan celebrates Easter, but with no Christian connotations, as a spring family holiday

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On Saint Patrick's Day began as a "feast day" in honor of the anniversary of the day he died. To honor him, Christians could put aside their Lenten restrictions on food and alcohol consumption on this day, which is why excessive drinking has become so permanently linked to the celebration.

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  1. No one really knows when Jesus was born. December 25 was chosen by the church because it aligned closely with a major pagan festival, which allowed the church to claim a new celebration for Christianity.

  2. Sierra Leone is one of the worlds most religiously tolerant nations, they are celebrating both christian and Muslim holidays, vote for candidates with no regard for their religious alignment. Christian and Muslim leaders meet in a Inter-Religious Council to promote understanding and tolerance.

  3. Dungeons & Dragons creator Gary Gygax was a devout Christian who refused to celebrate Christmas because he thought it was a pagan holiday

  4. Early Christians did not celebrate Christmas as celebrating birthdays were thought to be a Pagan tradition, and many iconic Christmas items such as wreaths are taken from Pagan traditions.

  5. According to Pew Research Center surveys, most (86%) non-Christians celebrate Christmas in the US and that only 12% of people prefer "Happy Holidays" while for the rest, it's "Merry Christmas" (42%) or any Season's Greeting will do (46%).

  6. All Saints" Day is celebrated on November 1st in Western Christianity and the first Sunday following Pentecost in Eastern Christianity.

  7. Mardi Gras began as an extravagant celebration for Christians in Europe. It reached North America in the early 18th century.

  8. In Christianity the celebration of Easter always falls the first Sunday after the full moon following the vernal equinox.

  9. Christmas was created by the Catholic Church to merge pagan celebrations that occurred on December 25th with Christianity, even though there is no evidence suggesting Christ was born on December 25th.

  10. Easter is named so after the pre-Christian goddess Eostre who was celebrated at the beginning of spring

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Halloween began in the 8th century as a celebration of the beginning of Allhallowtide, a three day period during which Christians would take time to remember their lost loved ones, as well as saints and martyrs.

Ethiopia is the first Christian nation, has 13 months, is still in the year 2008, and celebrates New Years on September 11. - source

When the Moors conquered this part of Spain and Portugal the consumption of pork was prohibited; therefore, eating cured ham became an essential way for Christians to celebrate their culture. - source

Xmas is celebrated on (or near) the winter solstice due to the observance of the pagan god mithras being co-opted by early christians so that the newly instituted practice of celebrating the Messiah's birth would be more palatable to unbelievers.

Sham Ennessim, a holiday celebrated on the same day as Orthodox Christian Easter, is celebrated also by all Egyptians since 2700 BC till now. Next one is on the 29th of April when Egyptians go outdoors, color eggs, and eat salted fish. - source

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Jesus wasn't born in December he was actually born spring/summer. Christians celebrated His birth during December to correspond with the Roman pagan holiday so they wouldn't be killed

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A medieval, Christian feast was observed on January 14 to celebrate the Flight to Egypt known as Festum Asinorum or Feast of the Ass.

For many years in some parts of America it was actually illegal for Christians to celebrate Christmas due to its pagan origins.

The centuries-old Cornish midwinter celebration "Mummer's Day" draws protests annually because it involves a form of blackface & was originally called "Darkie Day", despite the fact that the festival's traditions predate Christianity in England & have no historical connection to black people

Syrian Christians celebrate St. Georges Day by dressing small children as dragons and chasing them whilst beating them with clubs and sticks.

Valentine's Day was not always associated with love…It was originally meant to Christianize the pagan celebration of Lupercalia

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The Feast of the Ass, a medieval Christian feast observed on January 14 celebrating the donkey-related stories in the Bible, particularly the Flight into Egypt.

Valentine's days roots are in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, a fertility celebration commemorated annually on February 15. Pope Gelasius I recast this pagan festival as a Christian feast day circa 496, declaring February 14 to be St. Valentine's Day.

Bungy jumping was inspired by 'Land Diving.' A ritual done solely by women to celebrate fertility. When the christian settlers came, they banned women from doing the jumps and made men do it instead

Western and Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter on a different schedule

The Diggers, a Christian Communist community from 1649 in the English civil war are celebrated to this day in Wigan

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Modern Halloween can actually trace its origins to an Ancient festival called ‘Samhain’ which was celebrated in Celtic Ireland. Subsequently, this Celtic ritual got Christianized and, along the passing of time, gradually evolved into the trick-or-treat contemporary holiday we all know today.

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