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The first successful company to market chow mein in the United States was founded by the son of Italian immigrants who used Italian spices in his recipe. President Ford commented, “What could be more American than a business built on a good Italian recipe for chop suey?"

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Somebody has created a real-life version of bachelor chow from Futurama. Almost all ingredients can be bought from Amazon, it costs $3.50 a day, and contains all the calories and nutrients needed on a daily basis.

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  1. In the 1880s and 1890s, 'dude’ was another word for ‘dandy’. In 1888 New York socialite and Chow dog enthusiast Evander Berry Wall (1861-1940), dubbed King of the Dudes, won a 'Battle of the Dudes' twice. He owned 5000 neckties and once changed clothes 40 times between breakfast and dinner.

  2. Sigmund Freud had a Chow Chow dog named Jo-Fi who attended all of his therapy sessions. He claimed that he depended on Jo-Fi for an assessment of a patient's mental state

  3. East Coast Chow Mein is known as Hong Kong or Crispy Style elsewhere, West Coast Chow Mein is known as Lo Mein elsewhere, and off the coasts Chow Mein is likely to be Chop Suey.

  4. The Chow Chow is one of the few remaining ancient dog breeds.

  5. The guy who made Kungfu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer (Stephen Chow) is worth nearly a billion dollars

  6. Chow Chow is one of only two dog breeds that don't have pink tongue

  7. The word "Chow" comes from the Chinese word for "fry or cook" heard frequently amongst Chinese laborers in California at meal time.

  8. Ken Jeong actually took the role as Mr. Chow in Hangover because his wife was battling breast cancer at the moment. She suggested it would be therapeutic to him.

  9. Instead of taking $60,000 for his commissioned murals at Facebook David Chowe took stock options now worth over $200 million

  10. In 1935, the New York Times reported that a restaurant owner named Eng Shee Chuck had brought chow mein to a Jewish children’s home in Newark on Christmas Day. This article is considered to be one of the earliest publications of the stereotype that relates Jews to Chinese food on Christmas

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The Chinese shar-pei and the chow chow are the only two breeds of dogs to have a blue-black tongue.

The Thirteen Club was created in the 1880s by William Fowler to debunk the fear of the number 13. They would gather on Friday the 13th and celebrate by smashing mirrors, walking under ladders, and chowing down on 13 courses at lavish dinner parties. - source

Hong Kong actor Chow Yun-Fat is banned from making movies in China for supporting HK student protests. - source

If you’re a vegetarian who eats a lot of omelets, you’re likely responsible for more animal deaths than someone who chows down on burgers and steaks but doesn’t like eggs.

The Chow Chow and the Shar-pei are the only dogs that have black-blue tongue pigmentation - source

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Ken Jeong (Mr. Chow in the hangover series) is a fully licensed M.D. of internal medicine, and was once named "The funniest doctor in America"

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Ken Jeong,Mr. Chow, practiced medicine for several years as a physician at a Kaiser Permanente hospital in Woodland Hills.

The actor/comedian who plays Leslie Chow (Ken Jeong), from the Hang Over franchise, is also a medical doctor.

The dog breed known as the Chow Chow has a blue tongue.

The first sanctioned boxing match between a man and a woman was Loi Chow vs. Margaret McGregor in Seattle on 9 October 1999. McGregor won all four rounds.

African elephants avoid eating Acacia drepanolobium trees, home to a variety of symbiotic ant species, but not other types of acacia. When scientists removed the ants from trees, elephants chowed down. But when the trees harbored ants, the elephants avoided those trees like a kid avoids broccoli

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Sea Cucumber gonads look "chow mein-like".

Would You Brave The "Thick Layer Of Mucus" To Chow Down On A Raw Snail?

Adam Scott who, for 7 days, ate nothing but Monkey Chow and documented the experience with daily vlogs. Here is the first one.

In China, the Chow breed is known as a ‘Songshi Quan’, meaning ‘puffy lion dog’

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The male hangingfly offers something to eat to a female so that they can have sex with them. The larger the snack, the longer the female will allow the male to copulate. I wish humans did this. If a man gave me a 6ft hero sub sandwich to chow down on, then he's got at least a few hours.

Panda Express' chow mein is referred to as "longevity" noodles, and that the longer your noodle, the longer your life.

The Chinese Shar-Pei and the Chow-Chow are the only dog breeds that have a blue-black tongue.

What I always thought were the opening theme lyrics to the classic TV show "Good Times" were wrong! It's not "Hangin' in a chow line" -- it's actually "Hanging in and jiving." Didn't believe it until I read an article where the writers of the theme song confirmed it!

Ken Jeong (Mr Chow from The Hangover) is actually a physician

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