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The board game Monopoly was invented by Elizabeth Magie, but Charles Darrow stole her idea and sold it to Parker Brothers.

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Monopoly was invented by progressive activist Elizabeth Magie who created the game to show the evils of monopolies. In the 1930s, Parker Bros bought her patent for $500, gave royalties & sole credit to plagiarist Charles Darrow, and built a multibillion dollar monopoly on the game's success

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  1. Charles Darrow's nieces inspired the first tokens, which included an iron, a purse, a lantern, a thimble, a rocking horse, a cannon, a battleship, a top hat, a shoe, and a race car.

  2. The original idea for Monopoly was based on an anti-capitalist game invented by a Quaker woman, but was later stolen and modified by Charles Darrow who became a millionaire when he sold it to Parker Brothers.

  3. A woman invented Monopoly decades before Charles Darrow took credit. She never received credit or money.

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