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It wasn"t until 1885 that Austrian scientist Baron Carl Auer von Weisbach was able to extract this residue of Mosander's into two separate salts, naming them praseodymium and neodymium.

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He was rewarded for his contributions to science with ennoblement by the Swedish king, taking the name Carl von Linne".

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  1. There he worked with his former professor, Carl Von Linde, on the design and construction of a modern refrigeration plant.

  2. The company was international from the earliest days with his brother, Werner, representing the company in England and his brother,Carl, opening a branch in St. Petersburg.

  3. Charles James, Georges Urbain, and Carl Auer von Welsbach each extracted lutetium from a sample of the mineral ytterbia.

  4. Austrian scientist Carl Gustav von Weisbach discovered neodymium at the same time that he discovered praseodymium.

  5. Carl von Ossietzky was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1935 for exposing Germany's rearmament program. Because of this, Hitler banned any German from leaving the county to receive the award. Only after the war were German Nobel laureates able to collect their prizes.

  6. Carl von Ossietzky who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1935 for exposing Germany's covert and illegal rearmament program leading to his death by the Nazis. In 1992, Germany upheld his conviction saying "the illegality of covertly conducted actions did not cancel out the principle of secrecy".

  7. In 1936, the Nobel Foundation offended Adolf Hitler when it awarded the 1935 Nobel Peace Prize to Carl von Ossietzky.

  8. Nyanatiloka Mahathera, who's known for being one of the first westerners to become a Buddhist Monk, tried to escape an Australian prison camp in World War I with Count Carl von Cosel, who later became known for keeping his dead lover in his house for seven years after the war ended.

  9. Daniel Kehlmann's novel "Measuring The World", which mixes historic fact and fiction in describing Alexander von Humboldt and Carl Friedrich Gaußs' lives, even had historians and biographers confused, some of which stated "the book exactly recounts historic events."

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