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McDonald's once created bubblegum-flavored broccoli in an attempt to make kids eat more vegetables. The taste confused children and the product was pulled before it even reached the shelves.

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McDonalds once tried to introduce more healthy kid meal options by designing bubblegum flavored broccoli which never made it past taste-testing.

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  1. McDonald’s once created broccoli that tasted like bubblegum to make their menu more nutritious

  2. McDonald's once made broccoli that tastes like bubblegum

  3. McDonald's created broccoli that tasted like bubblegum.

  4. McDonald's once made bubblegum flavoured broccolis so that more children would eat their vegetables. The taste was so confusing it was pulled before reaching the shelf.

  5. Broccoli tastes bitter to some people and neutral to others with the same kind of tastebuds

  6. McDonald's once made broccoli that tasted like bubble gum

  7. McDonald's Created Broccoli That Tastes Like Bubble Gum in order to make their menu more nutritious. Kids were simply confused by the taste and it was a failure.

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