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One of the reasons the cow is considered sacred by Hindus is because of its urine which is an effective antibacterial agent against a broad spectrum of drug-resistant bacteria. It is anti-fungal, and useful in curing numerous diseases and increasing the life-span of a person.

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Although halite is typically colorless, it can be a broad spectrum of colors depending on its impurities.

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  1. The Pet Corrector emits a hiss of compressed gas which produces a broad spectrum sound varying from a low frequency rumble to a high frequency hiss to interrupt a dog’s unwanted behaviour. Almost all dogs initially react because the sound is genetically programmed to be associated with danger

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  3. It's possible to snap an Achilles tendon as a direct result of using steroids. Certain types of broad-spectrum antibiotics are also being linked to a weakening of this tendon.

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