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The dogs that were used to patrol the Berlin Wall were adopted out after it came down, and when walking where it once stood would "move as if tethered to an unseen leash, with absolute certainty, following the old border along its zigzags through the city".

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The Berlin Wall was opened accidentally. After being told wrong info, a Soviet spokesman stated that border crossings would be allowed, “immediately”. Crossings were actually planned to be allowed in limited circumstances. Thousands of East Germans then ran to the border and forced it open.

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  1. The Golden State Fence Company, hired to build part of the US-Mexico border wall, was fined US$5M for hiring illegal immigrant workers.

  2. Ontario has a massive "border wall" of edible rabies vaccine baits to prevent rabid animals from entering from the US. The recent outbreak of rabies came from a raccoon from southeastern NY who came via truck or train.

  3. There's a 15ft high wall built along the length of the North/South Korean border that you can clearly see from North Korea. However, both South Korea and the USA deny its existence.

  4. 125 people where shot crossing the Berlin wall whereas an estimated 6000 people died trying to cross the Mexico-US border in the past 15 years.

  5. All Berlin Wall border controls ended on July 1st, 1990.

  6. Mudskipper is territorial animal. It builds low, wall-like ridges to mark the borders of its territory.

  7. Hadrian's Wall is often believed to be the dividing line between Scotland and England, but neither country existed when it was built. Although it is close to the English-Scottish border, it is entirely within England, with it being anywhere from about half a mile to nearly seventy miles south of Scotland.

  8. The official date of the fall of the Berlin Wall is November 9th, 1989. Actual demolition did not begin until June 13th, 1990. Between these dates the border controls still existed but were less strict.

  9. A living room is not a family room and the two are often confused. A family room often flows into a kitchen (sometimes without visual wall breaks) meant for socializing and recreation/activity. A living room often borders a bedroom and is for socializing, lounging, and relaxing.

  10. The Berlin Wall was first opened on the authority of a single border guard amid governmental confusion.

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border wall fact data chart about Visualizing the costs of various government programs in term
Visualizing the costs of various government programs in terms of "Border Walls" as a representative unit of government expenditure.

border wall fact data chart about Long term population projections (Ontario, Canada) in a Zero
Long term population projections (Ontario, Canada) in a Zero/Zero Emigration/Immigration 'Border Wall' scenario beginning in 2036

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In Mr. Rogers first week he had a series of episodes on King Friday building a border wall to keep out all the “changers”.

4 out of every 10 Americans support building a wall on the Canadian border - source

India has laser walls installed along the border with Pakistan - source

The short fence at Naco Mexico/Arizona US Border has been recently replaced with an 18 foot high bollard style wall.

The Mexico-United States border fence is not one continuous structure and is actually a grouping of short physical walls that stop and start. - source

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Building walls, closing American borders, and promising to "Make America Great Again" were the hallmarks of a fictional presidential candidate's campaign from the 1998 novel "Parable of the Talents"

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Kowloon Walled City, a largely ungoverned, densely populated settlement in Kowloon City, Hong Kong. By 1990, the walled city contained 50,000 residents 6.4-acre borders. From the 1950s to the 1970s, it was controlled by local triads and had high rates of prostitution, gambling and drug abuse.

A study in 2011 determined a US-Mexico border wall would put at least 29 animal species at risk, including 4 listed as threatened

In the summer of 1989 the Hungary border was opened, which made it easier for East Germans to escape through Hungary into Austria.

Friendship Park, one of the few sites along the United States/ Mexico border wall where citizens from both sides can see and speak to one another face-to-face.

Hadrian's Wall was never used as the border between Scotland and England. Even in Roman times it wasn't the border for the Empire, since the Romans invaded and held land way beyind the wall, even building a new (Antonine) wall further north.

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border wall fact infographic about Does the U.S. need a wall? Illegal Border Crossings by Year

Does the U.S. need a wall? Illegal Border Crossings by Year

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Before there was a fortified physical border-wall separating the United States and Mexico, there were only 276 monuments that acted as boundary markers.

Chris Gueffroy, shot by East German border guards on 5 February 1989, was the last person to be killed by weapons trying to escape from East Berlin over the Wall. Winfried Freudenberg was the last person to die, on 8 March 1989, trying to escape over the Wall in a homemade hot air balloon.

The Romans built a massive wall that ran from east to west in Britannia near the border of England and Scotland, built to keep out those north of the wall. Some of it still stands today.

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, said in a 1988 interview that he would "build a great wall along the Mexican border and not let anybody in..." if he were the POTUS.

Part of the current Mexico/ USA border wall is made up of portable landing pads used by helicopters in the Vietnam War.

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Gunter Schabowski, former spokesman of the SED party in East Germany, was given a short memo to read for a press conference in 1989. The memo was unclear about the fate of the Berlin wall, so he mistakenly announced that the East German border was open, after 28 years, to thousands on live TV.

How Fisher Industries is going to build in a wall in the US border efficiently

Ronald Reagan believed that if the US had to have border walls, the walls would have doors, and the doors would be open to anyone with the will and the heart to get to the United States.

Trump's proposal for a wall on the US-Mexico border would be the longest border wall in the world if constructed.

A interview about the border wall that has no politics behind it. Worth watching. FUND THE BORDER WALL!!!

A company who specialises in building border walls, was fined $5m for using illegal workers to build a wall between San Diego and Mexico.

Donald Trumps 'Mexican Border Wall' plan would cost up to $300,000,000,000.

Saudi Arabia Building 600-Mile-Long Wall Along Iraqi Border

As of 2014, Ukraine has been building a 'European Wall' along its eastern Russian border

The Great Wall of China is a complete mess, as it was built throughout a number of dynasties whilst the empire's borders expanded

Pope Francis rules the Vatican City-State, where the borders are walled, gated, has armed guards, and no immigration.

Mexico has a wall on their southern border.

The US has an enormous system of walls on the Mexico border that's been continually expanded for decades

Smugglers tried crossing OVER the Mexico border wall with a Jeep and got stuck on top

India is building laser walls along the mountainous border with Pakistan, where traditional fencing would be impractical.

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