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The very first attempted assassination of a United States president was stopped when then President, Andrew Jackson, beat his assailant brutally with a his cane before being stopped by a nearby congressmen.

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An attempted assassin armed with two pistols had them both misfire and the very not assassinated President Andrew Jackson beat him with a cane

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  1. Richard Lawrence, who in 1835 attempted to assassinate President Andrew Jackson at a funeral using two pistols shot point blank. When both misfired, the President severely beat him with his cane, after which he was wrestled into submission by Davy Crockett.

  2. A man tried to assassinate President Andrew Jackson. The man was apprehended after President Jackson beat him with his cane.

  3. A man once attempted to assassinate Andrew Jackson with two pistols, however both pistols misfired and Jackson proceeded to beat the man to near death with his cane.

  4. U.S. Pres. Andrew Jackson survived an assassination attempt when two separate guns both misfired at near point blank range. Davy Crockett was there to help subdue the assassin and Andrew Jackson was said to have beat the man with his cane.

  5. In 1856 a Democrat beat a Republican nearly to death with a cane on the floor of Congress

  6. In 1856, American politician, Preston Brooks (D), beat Senator Charles Sumner (R) with a cane on the floor of the United States Senate in retaliation for an anti-slavery speech. He resigned his seat later in the year, only to be reelected to the same position left vacant by his resignation.

  7. During an attempt to assassinate Andrew Jackson, both of Richard Lawrence's pistols (which were later determined to be in perfect working order) misfired. Andrew Jackson promptly beat Lawrence repeatedly with his cane.

  8. There was a failed assassination attempt of Andrew Jackson in 1835 by Richard Lawrence. After the pistol Lawrence used misfired, Jackson began to beat the would-be assassin with a cane and had to be restrained by Davy Crockett.

  9. Someone tried to shoot President Jackson but the pistol misfired. He then pulled out another pistol which also misfired, at which point Jackson beat him down with his cane. The man, claiming to be a King, became one of the first people in the U.S. to be acquitted on grounds of insanity.

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Andrew Jackson was nearly assassinated outside the Capital Building. The shooter, Richard Lawrence, was only apprehended after Jackson proceeded to beat him severely with his cane.

Congressman Preston Brooks beat a U.S. Senator nearly to death using a cane. Brooks won re-election and was only fined $300.

That, in 1856, after Congressman Preston Brooks of South Carolina beat Senator Charles Sumner with a cane and chose to resign, he was then elected back into office due to how well-received his actions were from the people of South Carolina. - source

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A man named Richard Lawrence attempted to assassinate Andrew Jackson. After both of Lawrence's pistols misfired, Jackson noticed and beat Lawrence with his cane until the crowd intervened.

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Two members of the United States Congress, after one verbally attacked another uninvolved member, got into a fight on the Senate floor and one of them beat the other with a cane until he fell unconscious on the floor

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U.S. Congressman Preston Brooks beat U.S. Senator Charles Sumner, an abolitionist, with a cane on the floor of the United States Senate, on May 22, 1856.

A man once tried to assassinate Andrew Jackson as he left a congressman's funeral. After both of the assassin's pistols misfired, Andrew Jackson beat the crap out of him with his cane.

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