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A woman named Claire, was at a garage sale, when she decided on buying an old card table. After bargaining the price down to $25, she took it. She later found out that it was one of 6 tables left in the world by furniture makers John Seymour & Son. It later sold at an auction for $541,000.

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In the Philippines, for the bargain price of roughly £350, you can purchase "death kits" which is made up of documents that proves your death. The process involves obtaining a fake death certificate and buying an unclaimed corpse from one of the many morgues in the Philippines.

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  1. Best Buy adopted an 'Angel-Devil' Customer Policy to outsmart bargain hunters and coddle big spenders

  2. In 2004 Best Buy adopted a practice to identify 'Angel' and 'Devil' customers to outsmart bargain hunters and coddle big spenders

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