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White House Police officer Leslie Coffelt was fatally shot while protecting President Truman in an assassination attempt, but managed to kill his attacker with a headshot from 30 feet away before dying.

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Max Planck's life was filled with tragedy. His wife died early, his oldest son died in WWI, his two twin daughters both died while giving birth, and lastly, his second son was executed by Nazi Germany because of his participation in the failed attempt to assassinate Hitler.

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  1. President James A. Garfield likely died of starvation after doctors insisted he be fed rectally after an assassination attempt.

  2. After the first attempt to assassinate Franz Ferdinand failed due to a mistimed bomb, the assassin swallowed a cyanide pill and jumped into the Miljacka River to kill himself. The pill was expired and only induced vomiting and the Miljacka was only 13 cm deep due to the hot, dry summer.

  3. The first attempt to assassinate Archduke Ferdinand was a complete failure. The bomb bounced off the car, the assassin fled, swallowing a suicide pill then jumping into a nearby river. He could not even get that right, vomiting up the pill and landing in water that was barely ankle-deep.

  4. A 50 year old woman, Violet Gibson, attempted to assassinate Mussolini in 1927. She fired a gun once, but Mussolini moved his head and the shot hit his nose; she tried again, but the gun misfired. She was almost lynched by the crowd but was rescued by police and taken away for questioning.

  5. The very first attempted assassination of a United States president was stopped when then President, Andrew Jackson, beat his assailant brutally with a his cane before being stopped by a nearby congressmen.

  6. María Santos Gorrostieta Salazar, the mayor of Tiquicheo Mexico, survived three assassination attempts and despite her wounds refused to resign. In 2011 her term as mayor ended and her police protection was withdrawn. In November 2012 she was abducted, stabbed and brutally beaten to death.

  7. An attempted assassin armed with two pistols had them both misfire and the very not assassinated President Andrew Jackson beat him with a cane

  8. Leslie Coffelt, who was killed defending Harry Truman from an assassination attempt. Shot by an assassin 4 times, Coffelt propped himself up against a guard booth and fired one shot, hitting the assassin in the head and killing him. Coffelt collapsed immediately and died four hours later.

  9. Richard Lawrence, who in 1835 attempted to assassinate President Andrew Jackson at a funeral using two pistols shot point blank. When both misfired, the President severely beat him with his cane, after which he was wrestled into submission by Davy Crockett.

  10. King Louis XV was stabbed with a knife in an assassination attempt, and fearing he's dying requested to confess and asked forgiveness from his wife for having a number of affairs. He didn't die. The knife only penetrated less than an inch of skin

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In 1835, a man attempted to assassinate the king of France with a hand-made 25-barrel rifle. The discharge killed 18 people and wounded 22. The king was only grazed by a bullet.

When James Brady (the man paralyzed by a gunshot wound from the Ronald Reagan assassination attempt) died in 2014, it was ruled a homicide 33 years after the incident. - source

Fidel Castro survived 638 assassination attempts, sprawling over decades. - source

Pope John Paul II was shot and critically injured in an assassination attempt. The Pope survived and forgave the attacker, and even requested that the man be pardoned from life imprisonment. After the Pope died, his would-be assassin visited his tomb and laid flowers.

Theodore Roosevelt survived an assassination attempt, was shot in the chest, and proceeded to deliver a 90 minute speech. He opened with: "Ladies and gentlemen, I don't know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot, but it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose." - source

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'Code of the Secret Service', a movie which lead actor Ronald Reagan called "the worst picture I ever made." The film inspired a man named Jerry Sparr to join the Secret Service, who in 1981, saved President Ronald Reagan from an assassination attempt

How many presidents have had assassination attempts?

An attempt to kill Philadelphia mobster John Veasy failed when the two .22 caliber bullets to his head unphased him, and he asked his would-be assassin, "What the fuck are you doing, Frank?"

Bob Marley's wife, Rita, was shot in the head during his attempted assassination. However, she had dreadlocks so thick, they saved her life.

Saddam Hussein had a Qur’an printed in his own blood for his 60th birthday. It took two years and 27 liters of blood for the calligrapher to complete all 114 chapters. The project was the result of Hussein re-embracing his religion after his son Uday survived an assassination attempt.

The King of Morocco, Hassan II grabbed the radio during an assassination attempt and told the rebel pilots who were firing at Hassan's Boeing 727; "Stop firing! The tyrant is dead!" Which made the assassins break off their attack.

One of the assassins who attempted to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand threw a grenade but missed the Archduke's car. He swallowed cyanide and jumped in the River Miljacka, the cyanide was old and did not work, and the river was only 10cm deep. He was captured seconds later.

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When James Brady's surgeon was informed of the media's announcement that Brady had died in the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan, the surgeon replied, "No one has told me and the patient."

During her 67-year reign, Queen Victoria survived at least 7 assassination attempts. One attempt was by an 18-year-old hunchbacked dwarf, who was later caught when police rounded up every hunchback and dwarf in London.

After President Garfield was shot during an assassination attempt in 1881, he was kept alive for several days through rectal feeding, and was even given drams of whisky via his butt. The Dr who treated him was named Dr Doctor.

As part of his release, John Hinckley Jr. (who attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan) is not allowed to drink alcohol, listen to violent music, look at pornography, or delete his browser history.

Japanese right-wing nationalists tried to assassinate Matsutarō Shōriki (father of japanese professional baseball) for allowing foreigners to play baseball in the Jingu Stadium. He survived but received a 16-inch-long scar from a broadsword during the assassination attempt.

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A JFK assassination witness claimed to see an suspicious unidentified man standing in the window of the school book depository, who later fled the scene. His testimony was ignored, he was intimidated several times, and there were several attempts on his life.

Oliver Sipple, a gay marine who saved President Gerald Ford in an assassination attempt but was then publicly outed as gay, causing him to become estranged from his family, drink heavily, gain 300 pounds (140 kilograms), and finally die at the age of just 47.

Gerald Ford was subject to two assassination attempts, both by women. Only two presidential assassination attempts by women in US history

Ronald Reagan carried the card containing nuclear launch codes with him in his pockets; after his attempted assassination, the card was found lying in one of his shoes outside the Emergency Room, unsecured.

When John Hinckley attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan, all of his shots initially missed the President; however, a bullet ricocheted off the bullet-proof Presidential vehicle and struck Reagan. Thus, a car made to protect the President from bullets instead directed gunfire to the president.

U.S. Secret Service agent Jerry Parr, who saved President Ronald Reagan's life during a 1981 assassination attempt. Parr was inspired to join the Secret Service by the 1939 movie "Code of the Secret Service"... which starred a young Ronald Reagan.

A WW2 pigeon named Mary of Exeter survived an assassination attempt by a German warhawk, was shot, hit with shrapnel, and survived a bombing of her loft while delivering messages across the English Channel to France.

After being shot in a failed assassination attempt in 1981, President Ronald Reagan's first remark to the First Lady was "Honey, I forgot to duck" a reference to a one-liner used by boxer Jack Dempsey after he lost his heavyweight title.

In 1940, a woman attempted to assassinate Shirley Temple because she believed that Temple had stolen her daughter's soul. Temple was performing on stage as the woman took out a handgun and aimed, but security managed to stop her before she could shoot.

Prior to Ronald Reagan's surgery after his assassination attempt, he removed his oxygen mask to joke, "I hope you are all Republicans." Joseph Giordano, a liberal Democrat, replied, "Today, Mr. President, we are all Republicans."

US Government agencies (CIA, FBI, Naval Intelligence) have recruited the American Mafia multiple times in order to reach their goals. A couple examples are defending the New York harbor during WWII and attempts at assassinating Fidel Castro in the 1960's.

Max Planck's wife and all four of their children died tragically. Their second son died in WWI, their daughter died during child birth, her twin sister married the widower and herself also died during child birth and the remaining son was executed for a failed assassination attempt on Hitler.

The police officer shot during the assassination attempt on President Reagan sued the gun manufacturer. The case was rejected and set the precedent that gun manufacturers can't be sued for crimes committed with their weapons.

Every president since Richard Nixon has had an assassination attempt.

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