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A 38 year old woman named Joyce Vincent died in her London flat watching TV, and her body lay undisturbed until almost 3 years later when city officials came to repossess the apartment due to unpaid rent.

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In the last years of her life, Rosa Parks became too ill to manage her own financial affairs. When her rent became delinquent, her apartment's ownership company announced they would let her live rent free in the building for the remainder of her life.

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  1. Zack Galifianakis pays the rent for an apartment for a homeless women he knew growing up. He's also taken her to two Hangover premiers as his date.

  2. An Israeli couple were forced to pay over $2000 for an apartment they never rented because their use of smiley and champagne emojis in a text with the prospective landlord conveyed "great optimism", causing him to take the property off the market.

  3. Ancient Roman apartments, called insulae, could reach up to 9 stories, could have running water (fed by nearby aqueducts) and were often owned by the rich and rented out to the poorer roman citizens (from somewhat rich equestrians to pretty poor workers).

  4. In South Korea to rent an apartment you have to pay lump sum up to 80% of the value of it. You then live "rent free" for two years, then get your money back.

  5. Otto Frank (Anne Frank's father) kept paying the rent for their old apartment until July 1st 1943, they went into hiding on July 6th 1942. Otto hoped that the war would be short and that they could move back in after it was over.

  6. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon used an article from Variety announcing their sale of "Good Will Hunting" for $600,000 to convince a landlord to rent them an apartment as they had no credit. Within a year they were completely broke again.

  7. There are apartments in Japan where rent is calculated based on each tenant's weight

  8. Ari Teman, who thought he was renting out his apartment via Airbnb to some wedding guests, but instead, when he returned to get a bag he had forgotten, learned the renters were in the middle of throwing a pay-to-enter BBW orgy in his apartment

  9. Over 1 million people rent illegal, underground, bomb-shelter apartments to live in Beijing

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apartments rent fact data chart about New York State Senate District 18 Lost 7,111 rent stabilized
New York State Senate District 18 Lost 7,111 rent stabilized apartments since 2007, mapped!

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It's completely normal when moving into an apartment you are renting in Germany you have to supply your own kitchen.

In 1994, Rosa Parks was robbed and assaulted in her home at the age of 81. Little Caesars founder Mike Ilitch offered to move her to a safer apartment and paid her rent for the next 10 years up until her death in 2005 - source

For 20+ Years, Lemmy Kilmister Lived In a $900 a Month Rent Controlled Apartment in L.A. One block Away From Sunset Blvd. - source

A townhouse in the West Village section of NYC recently sold for $11 million. It contains two rent controlled apartments, one tenant pays $127.61 a month, while the other pays $627 a month

Ari Teman, who thought he was renting out his apartment via Airbnb to some wedding guests, but instead, when he returned to get a bag he had forgotten, learned the renters were in the middle of throwing a pay-to-enter BBW orgy in his apartment - source

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About Chuck Feeney, a billionaire who's given away nearly all his fortune and now lives in a rented apartment with his wife in California.

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The late Mike Ilitch, and founder of Little Caesars Pizza quietly paid Rosa Parks’ rent after finding out she was robbed and assaulted at age 81 in her apartment.

Mia Farrow inherited a rent stabilized apartment overlooking Central Park from her family. She paid $2,900 per month for an 11-room unit in the building, which featured in “Hannah and Her Sisters.”

That, despite renting an apartment block in Italy since Napoleon kicked them out of Malta in 1798, the Knights of Malta maintain their status as an independent nation. Over 100 countries recognize their independence, several times more than those which currently recognize Taiwan's.

Donald Trump, in order to 'self-evict' the tenants in a rent-controlled NYC building he owned, offered all the empty apartments to the city's homeless for free

How Airbnb has taken off thousands of apartments from the rent market, and how it has raised the average rent for citizens in Major Metropolitan Areas of the world

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In Japan, property prices and rents are much cheaper in apartments and homes where people have recently died, as Japanese generally refuse to live in them due to ingrained cultural stigmas.

There is a class of people in Japan known as "Cyber Homeless" they live in Cyber Cafes as it is a cheaper alternative than renting an apartment.

AirBnB got its name from the founders renting out an air mattress in an extra room of their San Francisco apartment.

Michigan lawmakers want to pass a bill that makes it illegal for you to use medical marijuana in a rented home or apartment.

Gondoliers are among the most well-paid workers in Venice, earning as much as $150,000 a year. But even that salary isn't enough to rent a decent-size apartment there.

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