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In 1921, "Black Wall Street" was the wealthiest Black community in America before being attacked by an angry mob which killed hundreds of Black residents and destroyed 35 city blocks.

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In 1672 an angry Dutch mob ate their own Prime Minister

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  1. Joseph Smith was killed by an angry mob while incarcerated. Smith had tried to suppress a local that had exposed Smith's practice of polygamy - implying that he used his religion as a pretext to seduce and marry unassuming women - including the wives of some of his closest associates

  2. That, in 1804, a London carpenter dressed in white was mistaken for a ghost by an angry mob and shot in the face.

  3. In 1889 a lion escaped from a traveling show in Birmingham and ran into the sewers. When an angry mob formed, Frank Bostock, the owner secretly snuck another lion out the back. He then returned with the lion clearly visible and was hailed a hero. The escaped lion was still in the sewers.

  4. In 1921, A mob of angry, heavily armed whites attacked the richest african american community in the U.S. at the time - (In Tulsa, OK) killing anywhere from 55- 300 blacks. Bi-planes were even used to drop incendiary bombs on buildings and fleeing families.

  5. In 1957 a governor used the national guard to block black students entering a desegregated school. Elizabeth Eckford mistakenly arrived on her own and was hounded by an angry mob. The 101st airborne was summoned by the president who protected her and 8 other black students while at school.

  6. In 1921 a thriving black town in Oklahoma was looted and burned to the ground by an angry white mob. Up to 300 people died that day in what is now called “The Tulsa Massacre”.

  7. In 1672 a mob of angry Dutch killed, dismembered and then partially ate their prime minister.

  8. Jeanette Rankin, the first female member of congress and the only person to vote "Nay" to go to war with Japan in '41. Many requested she change her vote but she refused. After the vote, an angry mob followed her from the Capitol building, forcing her to take refuge in a telephone booth.

  9. The March 7 march began with about 600 activists marching from Selma on U.S. Highway 80, crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge before they were stopped by state police officers and a mob of angry whites.

  10. In the Christian Church, December 26th is also the Feast of St. Stephen. This day commemorates St. Stephen for his work in the church, mostly caring for the poor and for widows. He was eventually stoned to death by an angry mob. He is remembered for begging God not to punish his killers as he was being stoned to death.

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James Strang was a Mormon King of a small island in Lake Michigan from 1850-1856 until he was shot in the back and his 2,600 followers on the island were driven off by an angry mob.

American POWs captured 2 days after Hiroshima bomb were rescued from angry mob by Japanese police captain, then discovered over a dozen US POWs had perished. - source

John Lennon said the only way the Beatles would return to the Philippines after being ambushed by mobs of angry citizens would be "with an H-bomb". - source

That, 7 months ago, a Pakistani university student, Mashal Khan, was stripped naked and brutally beaten to death on his university campus by a large angry mob over a fake claim of blasphemy. There were 20 officers on campus at the time of attack.

In 1933, an angry mob invaded a county jail to lynch two kidnappers/murderers in San Jose, CA. When asked if the National Guard would stop the lynching, Governor James Rolph retorted that he'd pardon all 15,000 participants. - source

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In 1672 an angry mob of Dutchmen butchered and ate their prime minister and his brother

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Richard Nixon was almost killed by an angry mob during a 1958 goodwill tour of Latin America. President Eisenhower mobilised the USMC, the 101st Airborne and a carrier battlegroup to invade Venezuela if it became necessary in what was called "Operation Poor Richard"

In 1828 a man named Joseph C. Dylkes caused controversy in the Ohio Valley by intruding on a Christian gathering, neighing like a horse, and proclaiming himself the Messiah. A number of people started following him as their God until an angry mob discredited him by tearing out his hair.

In 1999, an Australian Missionary family was brutally murdered in India after an Angry Mob surrounded the father and his two sons in his car and set the car alight, burning them alive

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Eugene Bullard was the first African-American military pilot. He received fifteen decorations from France, and was made a knight of the Legion of Honor. During the Peekskill riots of 1949 Bullard was beaten by an angry mob, which included members of the state and local law enforcement.

In 1992 Pepsi made an error which left 480,000 in the Philippines thinking they'd won a fortune, this led to angry mobs petrol bombing Pepsi Factories and a teacher and child to be killed by hand grenade.

During the Rampjaar, a disastrous year for the Dutch Republic, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands and his brother were killed and partially cannibalized by an angry mob

On July 21, 1879, LDS missionaries Rudger Clawson and Joseph Standing were surrounded in Varnell, Georgia by an angry mob of anti-Mormons. The mob killed Standing and tried to do the same to Clawson who then said "Shoot!" The mob soon fled due to Clawson's defiance and willingness to face them.

An Italian sculptor carved a granite statue to honor Confederate dead; "Dutchy", the resulting statue was so ugly that an angry mob tore it down.

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In 1996 a black woman saved a KKK member from an angry mob

One of the most shameful moments in Dutch history is the day an angry mob killed and ate their former prime minister Johan de Witt in Hague

Richard Nixon was almost killed by a mob of angry Venezuelans on a goodwill tour.

There was a newspaper in Illinois in the 1840s that only published one issue BUT the things printed in that issue caused an angry mob to form and kill Mormon founder/leader Joseph Smith.

After barely escaping angry mobs in the Philippines, the Beatles' John Lennon said "If we go back, it will be with an H-bomb. I won't even fly over the place."

The mob possibly promised Sonny Liston some money to throw the second Ali fight but they never paid him. As the years passed and Liston's financial situation worsened, he got angry and told the mob he'd go public with the story unless they gave him the money. That got him killed.

In 1921, "Black Wall Street" was the wealthiest Black community in America before being attacked by an angry mob which killed hundreds of Black residents in Tulsa Race Massacre and destroyed 35 city blocks.

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