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Because Alois Hitler, Adolf's Father, initially bore his mother's surname, Adolf Hitler was almost Adolf Schicklgruber

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Adolf Hitler’s two siblings, Alois and Angela, had 8 grandchildren. 3 of them died prematurely (one killed herself, one died in battle, one died in car crash) and the remaining five are still alive today and have chosen never to have children.

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  1. Hitler had a brother. Alois Hitler who married an Irish, Bridget Dowling. In a memoir, she claimed that Adolf Hitler visited them in England.

  2. Alois Hitler, the father of Adolf Hitler, was the cousing of Klara Pölzl, the mother of Adolf Hitler, this meaning Adolf Hitler was the result of an incestuous relationship.

  3. Alois Hitler's (Adolf Hitler's father) original surname was "Schicklgruber"

  4. There are many stories that suggest Adolf Hitler may have visited Liverpool in England in 1912, to stay with his brother Alois and his sister-in-law; an Irish woman named Bridget Hitler.

  5. Adolf Hitler had a half brother named Alois Hitler who opened a restaurant to profit from his brothers fame. He used to be greeted with "Heil Hitler, Herr Hitler!".

  6. About Paula Hitler. The Forgotten Sister of Adolf Hitler. Daughter of Alois and Klara Hitler. The Couple Was So Closely Related That They Struggled To Obtain a Sanctioned Marriage.

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