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Elon Musk wanted Tesla's Model lineup to spell SEX: Model S, Model E, Model X. However, Ford owns the term Model E, so Tesla opted for Model 3 to spell S3X

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Tesla Motors wanted to name their 2017 car the "Model E", so they could spell " SEX" with their three car models. Ford Motors threatened legal action, so they changed it to "Model 3", to spell " S3X".

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  1. Apparently Elon Musk wanted his model 3 to be named the model e, so that he would have a model s, e, and x, which would spell out "sex," but Ford has a model e so he made it model 3. At least "s3x" kind if works.

  2. Elon Musk named his first cars Model S, X, and 3. He picked S because it stood for "sedan" and after the Model X wanted to name the third car the "Model E" because it would spell sex. Ford threatened to sue so he named it the Model 3- S3X. The Tesla "semi" plus s, x, 3, and y is "SEMI-S3XY"

  3. Roman women used to commission same-sex love spells to lure each other into the bath house.

  4. Musk wanted the three Tesla models to spell SEX, but settled with "S3X" after a trademark issue with ford

  5. Musk wanted the first three Tesla models to spell "SEX", but Ford owns the trademark to "Model E", so settled for "S3XY" by making the Model Y

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