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A convicted murderer was once granted a retrial after it was discovered that four members of the jury used a Ouija board to contact the victim before rendering their verdict.

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A convicted murderer was once granted a retrial after it was discovered that four members of the jury used a Ouija board to contact the victim before rendering their verdict.

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  1. Will Purvis, who was convicted of murder in 1894 and had always maintained his innocence, told the jury he would "live longer than the lot of them". He survived a hanging, was re-incarcerated, and eventually pardoned and released. He died in 1938, three days after the last juror had died.

  2. Former judge Donald Thompson who was convicted of indecent exposure after he exposed himself several times during jury trials. His was witnessed using a penis pump "almost daily" during a murder trial and a "whooshing" sound could be heard on audio recordings of the proceedings.

  3. In Louisiana and Oregon, a jury can convict a murder suspect with just a 10-2 vote. In Louisiana, this law came from Jim Crow. In Oregon, it's from anti-Semitism in the 30s.

  4. A fighter pilot got his sexual assault conviction thrown out after a General disregarded the findings of a jury that found him guilty. The decision cannot be appealed.

  5. In Texas a jury can give the final sentence for murder instead of a judge. As a result, Texas has "misdemeanor murders" where a convicted murderer gets a light sentence like probation because the defense convinced the jury that the victim deserved it.

  6. After the murder of civil rights activist Medgar Evers in 1963, his alleged murderer was tried by an all-white jury who deadlocked twice and failed to convict. In 1994, Evers was discovered to be so well embalmed that forensic autopsy was still possible, leading to his murderers conviction.

  7. In 1944 a 14-year-old was executed by electric chair. George Stinney Jr, a black boy, was accused of murdering 2 white girls. The trial was flimsy, and the jury decided in 10 minutes to execute the teen. In 2014, his conviction was vacated.

  8. In the 50's and 60's, a single Florida town known as "nub city" was responsible for 2/3rds of America's dismemberment insurance claims. No one was ever convicted of insurance fraud, because juries had a hard time believing even Floridians would be insane enough to cut off their own hands.

  9. Jon Burge, Chicago Police Comander, tortured black people for 30 years and wondered out loud if jury would “believe that bunch of niggers.” Only gets convicted of perjury after years of support by Fraternal Order of Police

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Oregon now alone in allowing non-unanimous jury convictions

Contrary to conventional wisdom, unanimous jury verdicts have a greater probability of convicting the innocent than simple majority rule. - source

David Bain, a man accused and convicted of murdering his mother, father, and three younger siblings when he was 22. He was acquitted after a second trial in 2009 after having spent 13 years in prison. The retrial jury took less than a day to render Bain not guilty on all five counts. - source

In 1949 a jury convicted the corporations and several executives of criminal antitrust violations for their part in the demise of mass transit

Carl King, with no prior background in law, took it upon himself to prove his friend was innocent after being jailed for 21 years. The jury convicted Colin Warner on charges of second degree murder based solely on the eyewitness testimony from a 14 year old boy who admitted to lying on the stand - source

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Phoenix Wright is a commentary on corruption within Japan's legal system. Before trial by jury was introduced 5 years ago, inquisitive trials led in tandum by prosecutors and the judiciary produced a 99% conviction rate with almost zero hope for the defendant.

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In 1994, A Jury Convicted A Man Of Murder After Getting Drunk The Night Before And Using A Ouija Board To Contact The Victims.

Louisiana is the only place in the US where a defendant can be convicted and sentenced to life without parole by a non-unanimous jury

John Mullowney aka Sean na Sagart, a convicted horse thief, had his death sentence commuted by a grand jury and was appointed as a serial killer of Catholic priests aka Priest Hunter around 1709.

Despite shredding documents to protect Enron from their accounting scandal, the Supreme Court unanimously reversed the conviction of the Arthur Anderson accounting firm due to improper instructions to the jury.

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Louisiana and Oregon are the only 2 states that don't require a unanimous jury verdict to convict a defendant in a criminal case

30% of black men in the United States are legally prohibited from ever serving on a jury-- due to felony convictions

OJ SImpson was convicted of an armed robbery that happened on Sept. 13 and was found guilty on the 13th anniversary of his Los Angeles murder acquittal. The Las Vegas jury deliberated for 13 hours after a 13-day trial

Sad story of 14-year-old boy who was executed through electrocution. George Stinney jr was the 14year old living in South Carolina where his father worked at a saw mill. He was convicted in less than 10 minutes, one-day trial, by an all-white jury, of the first degree murder of two white girls.

In Japan, not only is there no randomly selected juries in the court of law, but also that the conviction rate is 99%

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In Louisiana A Jury Doesn't Have To Be Unanimous. A 10-2 Hung Jury Is Enough To Convict A Person.

Oregon is the only state in America where you can be convicted of a crime by a jury without a unanimous vote.

Six jury members for the trial of Johannes Mehserle, the officer convicted of involuntary manslaughter of Oscar Grant, allegedly had law enforcement connections. Also, no members of the jury were black.

A man was convicted even after it was proven that the jury drank alcohol, snorted cocaine, and sold marijuana all throughout the entire court proceedings

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