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Top Gun was produced in collaboration with the Pentagon to rebrand the US military's image post-Vietnam war, and attract new Navy recruits. Top Gun was the first full-blown collaboration between Hollywood and the US military.

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When Italian researchers gave lab rats MDMA (ecstasy) and played loud music, they broke out in a full blown orgy.

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  1. Certain Psychopaths ("short of full blown") Can Make Effective CEOs Due To Traits Such as "superficial charm," ability to manipulate, "coolness under pressure," "lack of empathy. "

  2. The levees built for New Orleans after Katrina, the full-blown $14 billion response to repairs needed, will likely be rendered useless in about 4 years unless more significant additions are built for them soon.

  3. Greyworm from Game of Thrones has a full blown music career under the name Raleigh Ritchie

  4. The 2005 movie Zathura is actually a "spiritual sequel" to the movie Jumanji, while the book that it is based on is a full blown follow up.

  5. Cloud 9 - a floating pizzeria in Fiji located in the middle of the ocean that is only accessible by water craft. Cloud 9 has two levels of seating, a wood-fired pizza oven, a fully-stocked bar, a full-blown sound-system with Djs and is more than 10 minutes by speedboat from the nearest town.

  6. Some people have a life-Threatening Allergy to the Cold. A woman ,Arianna Kent, has the condition, known as essential cold urticaria. Even after layering up, Kent can only spend about five minutes outside before having a reaction, which ranges from swollen skin to full blown anaphylact shock.

  7. A successful Canadian surgeon suffered from full-blown Tourette's Syndrome including twitching and tics.

  8. Full blown psychopath "General Butt Naked" fought in the first Liberian civil war - He led his troops completely naked.

  9. About the Cleveland Indians “ten cent beer night” incident of 1974, which escalated into a full blown riot that ended the game.

  10. Great Britain had a full blown active fascist party during World War II.

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Sooty Mangabeys monkeys can survive SIV, and resist AIDS by containing and protecting central immune cells and stopping the infection from being full blown. - source

Cat's talk to eachother and can have a full blown conversation. - source

In 1961, a B-52 disintegrated over North Carolina, releasing two live nuclear bombs. One of them has completed 3 of the 4 steps required to arm itself, the other was partially armed, with only a low-voltage switch preventing a full-blown detonation.

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