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The Barnum Effect: a common psychological phenomenon where people give high accuracy ratings to descriptions of their personality that seem tailored to them but are, in fact, vague and general enough to apply to a wide range of people. See astrology, fortune telling etc.

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Peter Cetara forgot his own name when he first met Paul McCartney. He said to himself "I'm just gonna go up to him and tell him how much I like his music." And he walked up to him and said "Hi Paul, my name is ..." Fortunately McCartney replied "I know, you're Peter Cetera, how are you mate?"

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  1. Fortune telling is a class B misdemeanor in the state of New York. Under New York State law, S 165.35:

  2. Merv Griffin, creator of Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy!, described himself as pansexual. He quipped, ā€œI tell everyone Iā€™m a quarter-sexual. I will do anything with anybody for a quarter.ā€

  3. Carol of the Bells was not a Christmas song originally but was a Ukrainian song that told of a swallow that would fly into their homes on the new year and tell of their good fortune for the next year.

  4. Taoism involves scripture, meditation, feng shui, and fortune telling.

  5. Chives were used in the past for fortune telling. Romanian gypsies were specialized for this type of divination.

  6. Fortune telling is a crime in New York State and carries a potential penalty of 3 months in jail

  7. Sylvester Stallone's mother is a "psychic" who tells people's fortunes by analysing their BUM. This is an ancient Babylonian and Indian "art" called Rumpology.

  8. The Ouija board was originally intended to be a fortune telling game, similar to the Magic Eight Ball. They were even advertised as fun date activities.

  9. While attending boarding school, John Wilkes Booth met a Gypsy fortune-teller who read his palm and pronounced a grim destiny, telling Booth that he would have a grand but short life, doomed to die young and "meeting a bad end".

  10. Sortes Vergilianae is a type of fortune telling used by Romans in which you open Virgil's Aeneid to a random passage and interpret the passage as an answer to your query.

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Magician John Dee - court astrologer etc to Queen Elizabeth I in 16th century - used an Aztec obsidian mirror for fortune-telling/scrying

Jumping candlesticks was a form of fortune telling and a sport. Good luck was said to be signalled by clearing a candle without extinguishing the flame. - source

A form of fortune telling where someone's butt is analyzed to look into their future - 'Rumpology'. - source

In 1969 when North Korea shot down a spy plane, Nixon demanded a nuclear strike in retaliation. He alerted the Joint Chiefs of Staff and ordered them to recommend targets. Fortunately, Henry Kissinger intervened, telling them to do nothing until Nixon sobered up in the morning.

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