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The massive ancient library of Ninevah (think: Mesopotamian equivalent of the library of Alexandria) was burnt by the Medes. Unlike a library containing organic documents, the fires treated the ~30,000 clay tablets and preserved the cuneiform text very well rather than destroying it.

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The Epic of Gilgamesh depicts stories that are virtually identical to Adam & Eve and Noah's Flood, but predates the Bible by at least a thousand years, indicating that the Christian stories are not original but derived from ancient Mesopotamian legend

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  1. Hatra, the capital of the "first Arab Empire" known as the Kingdom of Araba (in modern day Iraq) was one of the most diverse cities in the ancient world. It had temples (pantheons) to five major religions: Greek, Mesopotamian, Caananite, Aramean, & Arabian.

  2. Mesopotamians were the first to grasp the concept of the number zero, and the first to begin experimenting with mathematical problems.

  3. In 1761 BC, Hammurabi conquered Eshnunna, which gave him control to trade routes that linked the Iranian plateau to the Mesopotamian plain.

  4. Hammurabi conquered the Mesopotamian state of Larsa in ca. 1763 BC.

  5. The ancient Mesopotamians had hundreds of Gods that they worshipped.

  6. Mesopotamians invented the wheel in approximately 3500 BC, changing transportation forever.

  7. Hammurabi conquered the Mesopotamian state of Mari in ca. 1761 BC.

  8. Ancient Mesopotamians were masters of brick and mud construction, and brick-making became a major industry in Mesopotamia.

  9. The Mesopotamians invented the seeder plow which made it possible for farmers to plow and seed at the same time, saving time and energy.

  10. Mesopotamians had different gods for different professions.

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A Solar Eclipse was a bad omen in Ancient Mesopotamian when one was predicted the real King would abdicate and a substitute King would take his place for the day. Once the eclipse passed the substitute was killed.

It is believed that the Mesopotamians invented the sailboat.

Mesopotamians had relationships with their own personal gods who they believed would talk to other gods on their behalf.

Mesopotamians farmed crops of vegetables, fruits, sesame, wheat, barley and raised pigs, sheep and cattle.

Although most of the region that encompassed Mesopotamia is now desert, it often experienced flooding in ancient Mesopotamian times.

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In Ancient Mesopotamia every woman to go to the Temple of Ishtar at least once in her lifetime and have sex with whoever picked her. In Mesopotamian sex, men preferred to take "the female role" and there's a whole list of the positions they enjoyed.

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Ancient Mesopotamian tavern owners could be drowned for overcharging their customers, thanks Hammurabi

The picture on top of the Code depicts Shamash, the Mesopotamian god of justice, giving the laws to the king.

Mesopotamians developed glass, the Pythagorean Theorem, and ancient sanitation techniques.

The concept of seven sages or seven wise men exists in common in ancient Indian, Greek, Chinese, Mesopotamian cultures and is inherited in Pokemon and the Zelda series.

Ancient Mesopotamian civilization may have had fastfood joints more than 5000 years ago

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